yard work play

I'm pausing to give you a peek at the yard in process.
It seems a shame to be pulling out the annuals,
and so we're compromising and pulling the ones that seem the least ambitious.
I'm glad the same scale is not used on me. . .for as I sit here. . .I don't feel terribly ambitious.
Rather than sit here and think about those drawers that need tending. .
I'll go do it I'll go sit closer to them.
Have a wonderful day my friends. .


  1. This makes me think of the plant beds around my "for-sale house" and I know that I need to make a trip over there to work...but I don't feel motivated to do so...

    Is there a yard-work angel that would like to make a trip to Florida?

  2. Did you have to mention the drawers? I'd rather go out and pull weeds...or plants thats have no ambition!

    I like your JD wagon.

  3. Hmm, drawers? what drawers? Have a lovely Wednesday Lovella...

  4. you are too funny.....i often feel the same way!!!

  5. Funny that I was thinking "drawers" the other day too, but that's all I've done was think! I haven't even moved closer to them! Much too hard to do when the weather here says "July", but the calendar says "October"! Lori T

  6. Just watned to say "HI", since one set of guests have left and I may not have too many spare moments for the next week....I hope the weather stays "too nice for thinking about drawers and closets" for a while yet.

  7. Thinking isn't too good..
    It feels so good to get that yard cleaned up. With the nice weather, I've been able to accomplish alot.
    Drawers?? They can wait till it rains.

  8. Its such a beautiful day! Some things are just best left for those rainy dreary days that will surely come!
    Enjoy your day, Lovella !!

  9. I have flowerbeds to do too - then apple-picking.

    My drawers are done :) Probably because our weather has been worse.

  10. Do you ever get to drive the John Deer toys? Now that sounds like fun!

  11. It's always great to see what you're up to because you're always up to something so don't tell me about not being ambitious.

    Ohhhh...one can pull up annuals that just aren't performing well? What a concept. I keep mine forever no matter how sickly they look. Now this may make me rethink my method.

  12. Your new banner is incredible. Nature has such wonderful colors in "his" palette. Autumn is beautiful.... Keep snapping those photos. Your scrapbooks and photo albums will be a treasure to treasure!
    Take care
    Love Ruby


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