Those Girls !!!

The last few days I've been torn between capturing yet. . .more. . perfect fall colors on the camera. . .and my latest project of making a "google group" for the Girls who sweat and toil in their kitchens. . .pumping out fantastic recipes for you day after day on the
Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog.
I found a fantastic little gadget on Google that allows the contributors of that blog to stay connected quickly and to be able to check the comments quickly in a communal fashion. Often comments are added to posts from months ago, and we enjoy that feedback. It is one thing to say .. ."that looks fantastick, I think I will make that". .and another thing to say "I made it, and the family loved it."
I feel a little like a mother hen over these Girls. Initially the invitation was open to everyone who enjoyed cooking. My desire was to preserve and teach the recipes that have been handed down through the Mennonite families. It didn't take long and I had enough contributors to make the blog work well.
My second goal was to involve a few women who had been "blogging" by way of leaving comments most every day on my blog. I convinced them that they would "love" blogging and they have done amazingly well. We have slowly worked our way through most of the Mennonite recipes and we are adding in the family favorites that we enjoy in our homes on any given day.
The Girls have far exceeded my expectations for their creativeness with their cameras, their recipes and their food displays. It didn't take very long and the emails began to fly back and forth and we formed a kindred spirit amongst us. We often email one another with a quick prayer request or a quick question about a recipe and we are all the richer for it. When one of us is heading out for a few days. . we all say "so long" and though most of us never see each other, we miss each other as though one is missing from the table. It is a rare day that we don't comment on each other's recipes, anxious to give encouragemnt and feedback.
Every now and then, I throw something new at them. . .to keep them on their toes. We aren't taking courses in university to keep our minds sharp, but I think we have all stretched our knowledge in the kitchens and on the computer.
I can't wait for us to meet. I have no idea when we will make that happen, but when we do, I dare say there will be no 20 minute uncomfortable silences at the table. Being proper bloggers, we'll be coming with our cameras. . .and tripods, getting in that group shot.
God blesses us in so many ways. . . and if we pay attention to the promptings that stir in our heart, we are often blown away by his attention to detail in giving us our heart's desires. Having a group of women who shared my interest in cooking was something I didn't really know I needed, but God met a need I did not know I had. I can't help but smile as I realize that not only did God do something personally special for me, he has essentially blessed countless others .. . . . judging by the food pictures on the blog.
I had no way of knowing that these women would all be such a blessing in my life. . . but they are.
Next time you feel that God is giving you an idea. . .run with it. .
Have a wonderful day my friends.
One more pot of applesauce and the tree will be bare. . .woo hoo.


  1. Beautifully written, Lovella!

  2. Thanks to our fearless leader...'those girls' are learning all kinds of new tricks!

    Thanks, Lovella...for bringing us together. May we continue to encourage each other.

  3. I want to add my thanks! I didn't know it would feel so good to get to know "my computer" better and that I would actually enjoy taking pictures and being creative along with a group of women of like mind. It's a free hobby and in some ways, with the interaction that happens, like a quilting bee.
    (now that's something I know nothing about . . .but they always sound nice in books)

  4. I'm so glad you ran with that idea Lovella!

    That foliage shot is stunning!

  5. Lovella, I would like to thank you for starting the blog "Mennonite Girls can Cook"
    My family and I have truly enjoyed all the recipes that I have made. So many times I would wish for a recipe that my mom or aunts had made but I did not have the recipe. I have found a lot of them on this blog. The pictures and the instruction are a real bonus, a lot of the Mennonite recipes only give the ingredients, a pinch of this...when it is done....My life has become easier knowing that I can plan my menu for the week from this blog.
    Thanks for having this dream and may God continue to Bless you all.

  6. "God met a need that I didn't know I had"...that's wonderfully phrased. I think that you must make a delightful group leader and I hope that you and the girls get to meet one day soon. Plan for it!

  7. Lovella, I have so enjoyed not only your blog but also "Mennonite Girls Can Cook"! Thanks for all the cooking fun you & the girls have provided for me and my grandchildren. Actually my hubby would thank you too because he has been able to taste a lot of new dishes! The grandchildren & I cook and he gets in on the eating part of it! We all benefit! Thanks!!
    P.S. I have passed your recipe site on to several friends who now also reap the benefits!


  8. Thank you Lovella for being our 'fearless leader' as Judy so aptly said..we may cringe when you pop up with something that really pushes our 'computer know how' but in the end we are happy that we have advanced in our computer technology!
    I too thank you for having this vision for this cooking blog. I am enjoying it immensely and have heard from friends and much they love it and that they visit it often. In fact I think my sister has tried more of the recipes than I have!!
    We are 'those girls' who share our recipes and encourage and pray for each other.
    You are a blessing to me Lovella!

  9. I think you and all 'your girls' have done a terrific job! I love the recipes you share --- and the detail and care that goes into posting them. Thanks to all of you, for a great job!!!!


  10. Good For You Lovella! That's so wonderful that God has blessed you richly in this are, of expertise!!!

  11. I'm with the other gals. Thankful for this new venture and enjoying re-connecting with old friends and making new friends. Thanks lovella for faithfully encouraging me to learn more. God does know the needs and desires of our hearts. I too feel He has met a need I did not know I had, but He also blessed me with a desire I had in my heart for something fresh. The colors of the leaves in your photo remind me that our lives are all about change. Kathy

  12. I've been reading your blog for a while, now, Lovella, and have hesitated to comment because my own blog is closed for the moment (my husband is runnning in the municipal election and I thought I'd just close that door until it's all over, as I live in a small community). Anyway, I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog - we are at a similar stage in life and I find your writing very affirming.

    re getting together with some of your blogging friends...go for it! Last year we went to South America for a month and I met a blogging friend who lives in Peru. There wasn't a moment of awkwardness - we looked at one another and I think we each had a little inward "yes" moment and then we went happily along like old friends.

    Like you, I've 'met' many people that I've never seen face to face, and we keep in touch daily through email. It enriches our lives and I can't help but think that all this international chat might make a difference, at some level, in our world situation.

  13. YES ! I agree, Lovella... you had a wonderful God-idea and worked it out perfectly !
    I love the 'feel' of our group.. and I agree - if we got together there would be no awkward silences.. I think the problem might be that we all talk at once! smile


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