Anna and William

I haven't a lot of time to post this morning. Ever since late afternoon yesterday I've been on duty to settle in the new arrivals. . it hasn't been easy. How does one explain to wee bunnies accustomed to fair weather that the impending rainy and stormy weather is something they'll likely eventually. . .love. 'Tis a good thing that Willow's Cottage had the sense to dress them warmly. I imagine it would not be unheard of for bunnies to dress in thin cotton for winter down south .

With weekly cousin camp around the corner. . .I wanted to provide special friends for the grands. . . . .someone to hold when bumps and scrapes occur. . .and mommy and daddy leave for work. . someone to cuddle at naptime.
I enlisted the help of Willow. . . I saw her little Eleanor and was truly smitten with her. I left a rather heavy hinted comment one day. . wondering if bunnies ever immigrated up north. . .did she think they would like it here. . . and the tale of William and Anna began.

For today. . . I'll allow them to look out the window. Cold rain is something they can't quite believe. They are a wee bit shy. . . although Anna while first appearing to be the smaller and less busy .. .has a look about her that makes me keep an eye on her. William. . naturally feeling protective of Anna. . . has a gentle face. . . and I think we'll be friends.
I simply can't wait for the fun to begin in earnest. . .I'll keep you posted of their adventures on the farm.
Must go. . .the Certificate of Adoption still needs to be finalized on the new arrivals. . and so it goes here on the farm. Willow .. .the bunnies are so sweet. Thank you. . .so much.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. The new arrivals are adorable. I can just imagine the love they'll receive from your own precious little ones.

    You are such a thoughtful grammie. Willow, you are so talented!!

  2. What a delightful gift..such cute bunnies! A great addition to 'cousin camp'.

  3. William and Anna will be so happy at Camp Grammie's! They are very cute...and I have most suitable names.

  4. What wonderful treasures to share with the grands. They do seem to respond to their cuddly friends so well.

    I was firmly told that my youngest grand would not be able to sleep without his teddy. He's a wonderful beat-up teddy to be sure. I really considered tossing him into the laundry he's so well-loved, but thought better of it in the end. Good thing as the little guy had a wonderful nap clutching his teddy the entire time.

  5. Ahh so darn cute. Willow has a knack with these little critters...
    I think Anna and William will be relieved to be out of the 90 degree weather down here!

  6. You didn't .. They are on my list for Christmas. I just have to tell her Bingo!! This is too funny.
    They are so cute.

  7. Awww...


    You're a good grammie - and willow is a great friend :)

  8. Such a sweet post. I love it when you say "wee." Makes me smile every time as I imagine you saying it with a Scottish accent.

  9. Lovella, I'm so pleased that Anna and William arrived safely. They did call and let me know. You might want to check your phone bill later this month and see how many calls they've made.

    They look very contented.

  10. Such fun and adventure! Kathy


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