let's all go!!

Turkey and fixin's packed away and distributed. . . .
The lil' farm hand . . . has been kissed with his assurances that he was .. . no longer contagious. .. The Kitchen linens. . .washed and put away .. ..
I was thinking that today. . .quite possibly my friends who are all scattered across this great nation of ours. . . and I . . . could all particpate in the same activity.
I've got the voting cards by the door and we're off to do our civic duty. . .
and perhaps after we've voted .. . we'll take in a little lunch at Tim Horton's and call it ...
an all Canadian Day.
Are you voting today? .. . . .
Did you know that Canada is choosing it's Prime Minister today?
I'll be parked by the television at 8 pm. . .
when the rest of the country will tell us who we all voted for. . . .
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Even though we don’t plan to be away on Election Day, we do have our absentee ballots ready to complete, sign, and mail before we leave on vacation. Florida makes it convenient for everyone to vote (through early voting and absentee balloting), so there are no excuses for forgetting or not having enough time.

  2. I voted at the advance poll so I'm all done! I too will be sitting at the TV tonight watching..
    Glad to hear your little guy is on the mend..colds are nasty!
    Enjoy your lunch at Tim Horton's, Lovella..a true Canadian day!!

  3. Wish I could go to Tim Horton's with you after I've voted. Hmm... Nope, no way to get to do that today. Enjoy!

  4. Hope all goes well for Canada today!

  5. this is a truly candaian day, eh!
    we are so privelaged to live in this country!!!

  6. YES.. we are voting today! May God guide the election process and may His man win !

  7. How I wish we would humble ourselves before God, and become nations that honor His great name!

    May God guide you and your nation as you vote for your leader today ... and my He guide me and my nation as we vote next month.

  8. I voted today! In fact, I feel very passionate that people should vote regardless of which way they vote, simply for the reason that history has shown that people fought for the right to vote. I choose to respect that. I even let my son write the X. He was so proud.

  9. The polls are just closing here now Lovella . . . the fun begins!!

    And I had my Tim's today too - it's an all Canadian day :)

  10. I hope the candidate of your choice wins, Lovella!

    Glad your lil farm hand feels better.

    I love Tim Hortons coffee and when my husband goes to Toronto on business he always brings back a few cans. :-)

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  12. Sounds like your day was the kind I'm looking forward too.
    Just finished counting ballots with Judy and we spent 16 hours together and still did not have enough time to talk....
    Canada is a wonderful country.

  13. We voted today too! We got to the polling station minutes before it was closing due to our hectic Tuesday schedule! We told our kids we were voting for two different parties...but then they watched us put our 'x' on our ballots and found out that we voted the same! We got to the car and they ALL called us out on it! It was quite funny how interested they were in the process!

  14. I was working at the polls too - sadly there wasn't a great turnout at our poll. Fun day though!


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