putt putt putt

While I get supper on the table. .
the oldest three grands and the menfolk head outside.

Somewhere along the line.. .
the menfolk figured out how to amuse both themselves. .
and the wee ones. .
the easy way.

I would want that they would always drive this slowly through life.

Enjoy your weekend. .
and be sure to pop over to Mennonite Girls Can Cook tomorrow for our anniversary celebration.

all for now.  .


  1. :D The two in front are having the most fun!

  2. Now that is a whole lot of fun for all ages.

  3. The fellow in the back looks a little cramped! I think he might have earned that front seat....but then he'd probably say he'd earned the back seat with the littlests!

  4. Four wheelers are so much fun! All three of my kids took advantage of any opportunity to ride them when they were younger.

  5. How many more will it hold? What fun!

  6. Fun times but I think miss kanneloni wants to drive!

  7. Really neat photo!!
    and yes... would they always drive that slow !! Keep 'em safe, is a grandmother's prayer motto, isn't it!

  8. My husband has the look of a little kid while he is out on his ATV all the time. Just a big kid.

  9. This looks like fun!

    I just got back from spending a week in Colorado. The grandsons are growing so nicely and my husband and I had fun celebrating our birthdays with them.


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