not worried at all

Did you all watch the hockey game last night?
We were at our final night of the spring Premarriage Course where my beloved and I mentor engaged couples.
We missed  the game for the most part.
We watched the first period before leaving the house. .
and listened to the radio coverage all the way there. .
and then dragged ourselves out of the vehicle to go into church.
I doubt I have ever felt so disinclined to enter our church. ..
but I confess last evening it was a bit of a struggle.
Once inside we quickly remembered the fun of being with young couples in love and forgot all about refocused on things that matter most.

It just so happened that we were on a break for the last minute of the game. .
and what a happy moment it was.

When we got home later in the evening.. .
we watched the entire game in 10 minutes or less. .
and I must say. .
I wasn't worried once.

all for now . .


  1. Congratulations!! I'm cheering for your team too!

  2. Once you've read the last's not quite the page-turner that it might have been. Yay for the home team!

  3. Now that would be tough and I imagine that those young couples are having the same difficulties you are on staying focused.

  4. Hey Canada...hold it down up there.
    We were trying to get some sleep; you hockey nuts woke us up!

  5. Even I watched a couple periods of the game. I was happy to be watching the last minute!!

  6. In the end, it's about what matters most . . . even though it's not always the easier choice.

  7. I watched the game and enjoyed the last minute drama knowing a lot of bloggers were going to be very happy with the results! :)

  8. Such a great photo...the little chicken peeking over the edge wondering if there is a way to escape! And the look of delight on your grandson's face.

  9. I know too well, the feeling one gets when something important is planned for an evening when a big sports event is happening. I like how you shared your heart in this matter. It seems to me, that you sure do have a skilled way with words. Oh, and your new blog post is beautiful!

  10. love that picture - taking a chick for a joy ride - never too young apparently :)


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