weedless wednesday

I totally missed Tilling the Soil Tuesday so I had to make up another garden name. .
and I decided to call it weedless Wednesday in the truest sense of the word.

Yesterday morning I went out to the garden with my ice cream  weed pail ..
my kneeling pad. .
and my little three pronged hand tool. .
and weeded my garden.

The clouds were gaining weight and the odd splat hit my head so I hurried up each row ..
finishing just as it began to sprinkle with more effort.

Something has it out for my pole beans.
Both nibbled and whitewashed from above.  .
I am wondering if I'll be racing to bring in my produce before it gets eaten later this summer.

Planting onion sets gives a gardener quick gratification.

Potato salad. .
Baked Potato toppings.  .
Salads and nachos. .

Yum.  There is nothing like the scent of fresh herbs on your hands.

Clearly  . .
I didn't space my leaf lettuce seeds far enough apart. .
I planted more lettuce this last week. .
and will begin to thin it out..
toss it in a bowl ..
add a sprinkle of sugar a dash of vinegar. .
and a little bit of cream.

all for now ..


  1. I always plant my lettuce that way and it works for me:)
    It's fun to watch a garden grow!

  2. Beautiful. I'm sure you'll be enjoying the bounty with a smile on your face!

  3. A little bit of cream? Now that sounds interesting. My lettuce is planted in a pot. It looks like nothing I'd like to eat with cream or otherwise. What a mess.

    Your garden is growing beautifully. Hope that you enjoy weeding.

  4. Looks like lettuce is ready to be spaded up and transplanted throughout the rest of the garden..or given away as gifts.

    I've got to plant my next round of lettuce and carrots to keep the produce coming. Thinking of planting speckled trout lettuce this planting. Hey..maybe we should share seeds!

  5. Your garden looks wonderful and is indeed weedless! We love our leaf lettuce from the garden with cream, vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper, finely chopped onions and a finely chopped leaf of borage. This is how my Amish mother always dressed her lettuce.
    BTW the article you were interviewed for in our local Kitchener newspaper and written by Marlene Epp was wonderful! I am priviledged to work with Marlene at the college and I am a HUGE fan of your blog and MGCC!!!!!
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Mmmmm....lettuce, cream, sugar & vinegar...just like Mom used to make. Haven't had that in so long!

  7. I love that title...weedless Wednesday!

    Mennonite salad...lettuce, cream, sugar and a dash of vinegar. Maybe I'll make some soon...for old times sake!

  8. Want to come help me weed?! I need to get out and do that, but it's looking like the schedule is a bit too crowded at the moment. Maybe my mom will find some time while she is here........your garden looks beautiful now! That is also my favorite dressing in the summer -- though I've never added the sugar. Will have to try that.

  9. Your vegetable garden is coming along so beautifully! I always try to save fledgling basil plants that are growing too close by replanting them. It works well most of the time!

  10. Your garden looks so nice and neat! Cream, sugar, and vinegar...this reminds me of the way my German grandma would dress her garden goodies!


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