on the shady side

This summer I've added a shade basket to my back yard.
Early in spring there is no shade at all ..
but when the tulip tree has fully let out its leaves. .
there is an abundance of shade.

The Fuchsias.  ..
are so beautiful to me.
God's detail in each part of the flower  is truly amazing.

Little perfect airtight buds. .
that pop when you squish them.

This discovery was new to me when I had to prune off one branch that was damaged.
I stepped on a bud that still had life left.
As tempting as it is to share this delight with the grands. .
I am going to practice keeping the secret ..
lest it become a game.

all for now. .


  1. Smart thinking, Grammie! :D

    I didn't know fuchsias like the shade...no wonder mine didn't fare so well last summer. And I'm just learning that begonias prefer some shade, too. That plant has got to move.

  2. :) I think you're wise to keep this new bit of botanical information to yourself!
    There's something very soothing about dead-heading fuchsias in the cool of a summer morning.

  3. That is just sooooo beautifully delicate. I'm sure it will do well under your care.

  4. Oh boy did we play that game growing up. I wonder how many fuchsias we destroyed making that lovely popping sound. Yours are just gorgeous...

  5. Such an exotic looking blooms! I saw one variety that was called 'Angel Earrings'...seemed appropriate.

  6. Wow...you were a well mannered gentle child to have never popped a fuchsia bud before now. Wonder if your mom grew them and if she had to have "chats" with your brothers about leaving the fuchsia buds alone. What boy could resist such a thing?

    For real flower bud popping bliss, nothing beats the huge cup-of-gold buds, big as peaches. What a POP they make. And boy oh boy didn't the neighbor chew us out good after our past time was discovered.

    Curious: Do your fuchsia over winter in your area? I miss the nearly tree sized fuchsia of San Diego and have been told fuchsia must be treated as an annual here.

  7. Jill, Fuchsias do not over winter here. Maybe if it was in a very sheltered spot and covered. . .but generally it would be considered an annual. It is like the Poinsettias.. ..and most other things that grow in the tropics outdoors that I am always shocked to see on vacation.

  8. Oh wow! How gorgeous! If I had a shady spot in my yard I would be looking for sure into getting my own! Lovely!
    Do you have any experience with Gardenia trees? I would love to have one as I am slowly trying to develope my yards but still have much research to do on what would thrive best in my area (Ohio).

    Love your blog and thank you for sharing your lovely pics with us ! :-)

  9. Ha ha ha!!! A game for sure! I can just picture it!

  10. Beautiful .. gorgeous .. photos!!

  11. Beautiful! They were one of my mother's favorite flowers. Although some in my locale can grow them well, I find it much too hot to keep them healthy all summer long. I guess my shade isn't cool enough. Enjoy them for me!

  12. so lovely.... I have one on my deck (in the shade) and as we sit relaxing, a hummingbird comes by and flits from bloom to bloom having its drink of nectar - have your camera ready as fushia'a attract hummingbirds!

  13. Beautiful simply beautiful! Wow! great photography
    Thanks for sharing. Always enjoy my visits.

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  15. I think that fuchsias are absolutely gorgeous... I'm still looking for a basket that is full- not the leggy kind... best place in the valley to pick one up?? Oh, your garden must be a beautiful and peaceful place to sit, and watch!


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