I took this picture of the strawberries  .. .on Tuesday. .
and yesterday the red one was gone.
I looked across the garden at my beloved (who was busying himself pulling weeds) . .
hands on my  hips. .  asked him where it was.
He said. . ."it had been nibbled on by something and so I ate it. . .leaving the big red one hidden underneath for you."
I said . . ."Aww".

On Tuesday. . .
I went to see about making some room in my freezer for this years berries.
While making room in the freezer . ..I found an ice cream pail full of crushed strawberries. .
I had missed.

On Tuesday. .
we were out of strawberry jam.

On Wednesday. . .
when my beloved came in for lunch. .
He said. . ."It smells like strawberries in here".

I just happened to have some of Marg's Health Buns out of the book with some creamy butter on the island.


all for now. .


  1. Hmmmm, Lovella, it looks so wonderful that I can swear that I can smell strawberries in the air myself. Enjoy...

  2. There really is just some special about the taste of home made jam.
    What did you mean about a forgotten pail of crushed berries? Forgotten where?

  3. Sitting on an island...eating health buns slathered in butter and dripping with fresh strawberry jam...sounds wonderful. It's an island I wouldn't mind being stranded on!

  4. What a nice surprise to find in your freezer. Your jam not only looks delicious, but beautiful as well.

  5. Lately, I've been eating strawberries as if they were going out of style! I may have to find a little spot in my tiny yard to see if they'll grow here. It's funny...I've even been reading all about strawberries! I ran across an interesting article this morning about trying to trick the birds into leaving your berries alone. http://freshdirt.sunset.com/2011/06/strawberry-rocks.html

  6. Oh my I can almost smell that jam too!

  7. Vicki. . .sounds like a great project for the grands. ..thanks for the tip!

  8. YAY for strawberry jam! I loved making jam in Germany. We had a strawberry patch that we couldn't keep up to and because the "jam making" sugar comes with the pectin in it - everything is ready to go. You buy the sugar according to the kind of fruit you are using - 1 to 1 or 2 to 1. Cut up the fruit, boil it with the sugar for the required time and voila! It's SO easy. I've been told that this special sugar is available here in Canada but I haven't seen it yet. Maybe later in the summer? Enjoy your berries - and your jam!

  9. Everything looks wonderful! I like the green pot!

  10. did blogger come up with scratch and sniff.....i think i get that heavenly scent all the way in my kitchen......deep breath...
    that does look good :)

  11. What would you do without Marg's Health buns...?
    I'm watching to see who will eat my first raspberries...Guess who's coming to inspect tomorrow?
    Can you send some of that jam over?
    My freezer is empty...and I'm starving.

  12. Oh my - is there any better kitchen smell than strawberry jam bubbling? Quintessential summer!

    (PS - very sweet of that hubby to save you a strawberry :)

  13. Ahh Lovella thats some delicious strawberry jam..I see a few extra jars..please share:)
    I must go check my freezer..I just might find some 'forgotten strawberries'..

  14. Last evening when my family was here, I served my last strawberry container from the freezer. I added fresh strawberries and served it over vanilla ice cream, in waffle cone cups. It was a hit, but not nearly as beautiful as your jars of strawberry jelly. Great post!


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