game six

Again ..
we pre-empted potential disappointment with plans last night. .
 hoping the  Canucks would not come home empty handed.
Over at Scot and Kathy's the game was set to PVR while farm work was finished at our end of the valley.
The freeway signs that are normally flashing warnings were set to  "Go Canucks".

I did notice on the way there that horns were not honking and folks were not hanging out of their windows . . .waving like fools.
That was our first hint that things were not going our way.
Driving through their subdivision. .
we had the right of way . .
all the time  ..
since all cars were parked in driveways.

We knew fairly early on once the game began that this was not going to be Lu's night.

And yet.  ..
we had a great evening.
We never have to wonder if it is going to be a good evening at Scot and Kathy's.
She's always on her game for getting a yummy dinner on the table.
We sat row style and plowed our way through the "supper on the skillet".

We came home in a great mood .. .
looking forward to game 7.

all for now. .


  1. Kathy really put on a nice spread for you all. I'm glad there are those good memories of the night. Like I told someone else, I had to go to bed and read after the 2nd period. I hope they win it all in Vancouver!

  2. Wasn't that a disappointment. I felt so badly for the players who skate so hard....but there's always Wednesday night and we'll all be cheering. I had to smile when I saw the highway sign flashing 'Go Canucks Go' on my way home last night.
    I had to enlarge those photos to have a good look at that meal - looks scrumptious!

  3. It looks like a most delightful evening to me...almost enough to make one forget about the score! I love the idea of sitting along one side of table while viewing the game. I think that might work for game seven...over here.

  4. Is it coming right down to the wire then? I must Google. You know that I am cheering for traitor am I, but to actually know anything about You must have plans for each and every game. Very important I'm thinking.

  5. The Canucks have such loyal fans!
    I just had a horrible thought: What if the players have read about all the great food you or your friends make for consuming during game time? Must be hard for them to concentrate and play well, thinking about it.

  6. A good time with friends anyway! Here's hoping for the best tomorrow!

  7. we gave up at the beginning of the third period. i only checked the final score this morning. the canucks aren't our team but we're still cheering for them - at least when they win!

  8. It looks like you had a nice time even with the loss of the game. Wishing the Canucks good luck in game 7!

  9. I caught the very end of the game last night before I went to bed. I was thinking of all of you gals in B.C. I'll be pulling for the Canucks on Wednesday.
    Having lived near Detroit when the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup, I know how exciting it all is.
    Looks like you had a wondeful dinner despite the score of the game.


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