Tilling the Soil Tuesdays. .Radishes

 . . .and so it has begun..
the trek out to the garden and the harvesting of our own food.

Yesterday I plucked big handfuls fronds of delicate dill ..
and parsley and tossed them in the borscht.

After dinner in the tent. ..
and a enjoyable conversation between us ..
we walked out to the garden.

We disrupted an Eagle. . .and watched as it went to rest in distant trees.

I pulled out a large handful of perfect radishes. .
and thought immediately of slicing them up with some sugar and vinegar .. .
just like mom always did in the early days of summer.

OH. .and did you know. .
that radishes belong to the cabbage family  which appear to reduce the risk of some cancers?
Radishes are high in potassium which is helpful in regulating blood pressure.
 Studies have shown that radish root could be effective in lowering cholesterol levels.
Radishes and radish leaves are an excellent source of vitamin C.

Slice them up!

all for now. .


  1. I love radishes. We grow them too, but your's look much nicer than mine!

    I always just slice and salt them, I've never tried the sugar/vinegar but I think it would be nice, so I'll give it a whirl!

    Have a blessed day

  2. Lovella, your garden looks beautiful, and so clean! The two of you have put a lot of effort into it. Dairymary

  3. Now with a bit of sunshine coming our way I bet your garden will triple in size in a couple days.
    I too love radishes. Just as they are with maybe a bit of salt. Is it weird to want to have radishes for breakfast now?

  4. I didn't know any of that about radishes. Vinegar and sugar? I'll have to give that a try!

  5. Radishes remind me of my mom as well...who also put vinegar on them (I don't recall the sugar part). I have never been that fond of radishes...though they are a wonderful addition to a salad. Yours definitely look 'good enough to eat'!

    I'm glad you are enjoying the fruits of your garden already.

  6. I love radishes! Your garden is really growing......how nice for you to be able to run out back and pick some fresh things for supper.

  7. Oh my...look at that wing span on that eagle! Your garden is amazing Lovella. Those radishes really do look perfect!

  8. Your garden is lovely! I love to look at radishes but am not that fond of eating them. But they are my Dad's favourite. Mom used to make radish and mayo sandwiches. I may have to try that again.
    One more good thing about radishes is that they are the first of the garden produce in spring.

  9. My mom always used radishes in salads too. Your bunch looks perfect... as does your garden. Does not look like you have any rabbits, deer or even worms on your land.

  10. I love peppery taste of radishes! Your garden looks very beautiful and productive.

  11. I love peppery taste of radishes! Your garden looks very beautiful and productive.

  12. Your garden is doing beautifully!!

    Love your new header too - very classy :)

  13. Hmmmm, perhaps I should start eating radishes....they are a vegetable I always pass up at the grocery store. Though I do love their brilliant color and their round shapes....I've never tried them with sugar/vinegar before.

  14. How do you keep your garden so weed free?!!!

  15. Well Lovella, pretty soon we will have a garden competition like we did when we were all small kids going to school. This year you win...My garden has decided to stay more dormant. Maybe I have not prioritized it...
    Looks great and it's so much fun to share that wonderful produce with others.

  16. Huh..my earlier childhood memory about radish growing doesn't show.
    I came back to ask if you are keeping the longer hairstyle. It looks nice, and easy to pull back in hot weather.


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