Winners and Losers

We watched the game. .
We resigned early on that the series would not belong to us.
At the end of the game we stood closer to our TV and watched the jubilation of the Boston team.

We saw the fans raise their white towels and cheer the home team .  .
and cheer Boston for being such worthy opponents.

We saw the display of sportsmanship.
That made us glad. . .even though we felt a tad sad.

We ate our Creamed by Boston Pie.  .
and then watched the television coverage of the rioting in Vancouver.

Sad. ..very sad.
There are winners and losers .. .
and it's not hard to figure out who is who.

What happened after the game was the disappointing spectacle.

all for now. .


  1. It sounds like you've had a lot of fun watching these games!! Boston Cream Pie was the perfect dessert!!! I'm sure you thought of that? I haven't had one is so long. Must keep that in mind for a future dessert.

  2. Oh I am so sorry that the fans were so disappointed that they took out their frustrations in that way. It can happen anywhere.

    I'll never eat Bostom Cream Pie again without thinking of your line "Creamed by Boston" pie.

  3. Bostom? I must have been thinking that Boston Cream Pie always goes to my bostom.;>

  4. I was sad to see the news this morning of what happened in Vancouver after the loss. :( The same thing seems to happen in so many places after a defeat, and I never understood why. Thank goodness the players showed good sportmanship!

  5. 'Creamed by Boston' Pie - Lovella, you are the most!
    So sad to see the aftermath. My nephew lives on the 30th floor of a building overlooking all of this. Sat up most of the night watching because he has a wife and baby and didn't know what would happen next.

  6. I agree, the winning and losing isn't the most important thing - one's attitude when faced by a loss tells us who is the winner. The Canucks showed sportsmanship, those who rioted afterward are the biggest losers and in no way represent the beautiful and friendly Vancouver that we know.

  7. I was very happy how the canucks took the loss, and very disappointed at the people who went to the event looking to cause trouble. It was a sad time to be in vancouver last night.

    The "creamed by boston" pie looks delicious, and its something my husband would love - hes known for loving a boston cream doughnut from timmys. :)

  8. Your 'creamed by Boston pie' looks like wonderful consolation after a disappointing game!

    What happened in the streets of Vancouver last night is such a shame. It is a sad time for a great city!

  9. Our local news filled us in on how many Canuck were from here. Apparent hockey equipment sales are soaring here.

    We both we very surprised to learn of post game riots in laid back classy Vancouver. My summer reading list includes Ann Counters new book "Demonic", which is about mobs and how they impact societies. I had never given mobs much thought until I heard her talking about how mobs are used throughout the world.

  10. Creamed by Boston Pie..great post Lovella! Smiling at Vee's comment:)

  11. Friends and good food always a great combination for whatever ails you or for whatever elates you!

  12. I love the play on words! I think I'll be making one of these today.

  13. Well put. I thought the fans and players in the stadium were showing good sportmanship ... towels waving until the end etc.
    BUT outside .. there were those who had other plans...all they cared about is how they could get some attention in a most apalling way. It was embarassing.

  14. It was very disappointing --- my analysis is that alcohol should not be part of spectator sports. But I suppose much less money would be made that way. But, millions of $ of damage just doesn't make sense. A sorry few get the attention when there were multitudes more who were good sports.

  15. Did you want to say "Boston was Creamed Pie"? It worked either way - clever! You made Roger and me laugh out loud. Now that Boston won, I can tell you we had an Island boy on that team. There might have been a little cheering going the other way around here. (not from me - I'm not a hockey fan - gasp!)

  16. Now that is the dessert I should have had, much more appropriate than my 'sour grapes'. I started the game snacking on sunflower seeds of doubt. I have some ideas on the riots on my blog and it starts with the alcohol issue.

  17. Yummy! I could go for some of that creamy goodness too! It's been a great season of hockey.....we have enjoyed it so much. How sad that some find it funny to spoil things for so many. We did get creamed....but someone had to win the cup, and someone had to go home empty handed.

  18. From reading comments I have to point out that the rioters had NOTHING to do with the hockey game. It would have happened win or lose.
    Those who started it came downtown with the intentions and the items needed to start this riot. It was premeditated. Others joined in.
    It was a relatively small group of people who behaved badly. Look at all the previous nights when they were playing and the downtown core was full of people. Even when we lost in Boston there were not riots.
    Oh right....we are talking about pie here. I have never had Creamed by Boston Pie. It does look good.


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