Monday Mess

On Friday when I was getting the game supper ready .. .
I was a teensy bit in a hurry or else just more clumsy than usual.
The glass four cup measuring cup that was holding white sauce splintered in millions of pieces when it bounced off the edge of the stove and landed at my feet.

I stood there a moment trying to think how best to attack the mess.
A good stiff broom and a dust pan picked up the worst of the glass .. .
and wet paper towels got the rest.

The stove bears a scar.

And after dinner .. .
between the first and second period ...
and then between the second and the third period. . .
 my beloved came to the rescue and took apart both oven doors to clean the white sauce drizzle between the interior and exterior glass.

The good news. . .
is we still had dinner. .
and the Canucks won game five.

Tonight is game six ..
and we are off to party with friends.
We will have a great evening either way...
but we are really hoping to celebrate a win!

All for now.  .


  1. The really good news is that, if there's a mess to be made, it'll be in someone else's kitchen. Oh my! That must've been pretty exciting there for a few minutes and, for anyone watching, more exciting than the game. (I am not watching these games; I am rooting for Boston, but not in a great big way so I won't be upset when Vancouver wins. ;> )

  2. Big sympathy for your hockey night stove souvenir. Do you think your helper would come and take my stove door apart? is the victim of one 'I'll clean it later' too many.

  3. I"m glad I'm not alone with my messy accidents!
    I see you have a flat top do I. It's been a bit of an adjustment learning to cook on it as opposed to the regular electric coil variety.

  4. Oven doors come apart? Who knew! It will always be a most memorable game 5 for you! May tonight's hockey experience be wonderful...from beginning to end.

  5. Oh dear.....when you told me about this I thought it was bad....but this really tells the whole story. Hope i have no mis-haps'll be doing a wee bit of the cooking:)

  6. That's one sweet hubby! Hope your team is the winner!

  7. The pictures speak volumes of the mess you had to deal with. Double Oye!!
    I'm glad things are all cleaned up.
    Go Canucks!

  8. Oh oh what a mess.I cringed when I saw that..because I know only too well about having mishaps in the kitchen!
    I'm sure you are happy to be at someone elses house tonight:)

  9. Oh boy .. can Mennonite Girls ever make a mess too! Those kind of things sure don't make your day! I can just imagine ... so inconvenient!!! sounds like you did a super job of cleaning between the two of you... and I'm sure the little white enamel paint bottle will come next... although the chip does tell a good story.

  10. I am sort of clumsy do this is the type of mess I'd make, Lovella! My family is used to it :)

    Goood luck to the Canucks ronight!

  11. Ouch -- I feel your pain!

  12. I remember the post about when you go that stove. It is pretty new...too new to sport an enamel touch up scar. I am right thinking the oven will soon be visiting the same shop that gave the green Merc a great blue paint job?

  13. Your stove that has a scar on it can be fixed, if you find a good repair person. My hubby fixes chips on porcelain bathtubs, sinks, and even stoves...However, we live in North Carolina and it would be too expensive to come to BC and fix it....Look for a repair service in your area and they should be able to fix it and you wouldn't even notice that it had a scar....That is if they fix it correctly....
    And I hope Vancouver wins the Stanley Cup...I watched the final game when the Carolina Hurricanes won a few years ago. Very exciting to watch a home team win something.
    Sandy in NC


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