First Cuttings

Happiness is. . .
a three and a half year old enjoying a bowl of summer borscht.
Granted. . .her favorite part was the hard boiled eggs and the broth infused potatoes.

I didn't bother mentioning to her how healthy it was.
Some things should remain Grammie's secret.

all for now.  .


  1. She has quite the palate for such a tender age. Must've learned a thing or two at Grammie's table.

  2. I'm thinking my adult palate may just enjoy Zumma Borscht! It was something I never really cared for at my grandma's table. And I'm not sure I could entice even one of my grands to give it a try. They'd be more game to help with the cooking!

  3. Mmmm...the site of those greens is making me hungry for a bowl of soup. I've never tried eggs in it...maybe today!

  4. Wonderful. I think our version of this soup we call Green Borsch. (Зеленый Борщ) We make it with spinach and we always have hard boiled eggs with it...

  5. I have had green borscht with sorrel, never beet greens or spinach. Something I need to try. Since I can't find sorrel anywhere.Thanks for the recipe.

  6. Boy does that look good!!! i have yet to try making borscht. I'm sure I will LOVE it!


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