Game three

Since we had commitments the first two games of the final series. .
we made a quick decision yesterday around noon to make a party of of game three.
The last time we did this with Scot and Kathy .. .
the Canucks lost.
We were so glad we had preempted the disappointment with a fool proof plan of good times.

Yesterday. .we had Herb and Anneliese over, and again ..
the Canucks lost.

We shook our head in disbelief as our team was giving a good lickin'.

Regardless of the outcome. .
we went to bed happy and wondering who we could invite over for game four.
I'm so glad their winning or losing doesn't depend on our plans.

all for now. . .


  1. Good friends...good food...great venue...that's 3 for 3! Oh...did you care about the score?

  2. Is that a map I see on the table?? ;-)

  3. The feeling that one can jinxs a game is the reason why one major sports team owner used to leave the country if his team was in the playoff.

    Can't wait to see how the next game goes.

  4. The best antidote to a horrible game is good food on pretty plates and in cute bowls with friends at the table!
    Love those bowls!!

  5. Course you know by now that I am on the other side in this, but it has got to make it more exciting and fun for you not to have your team win every game. No conflict equals no interest. Enjoy! And may the best team win. :D

  6. okay.. Menno Jeweler... you are awake .... and you probably guessed why we had the map there...
    good times to come! And my camera right there too... cause I was taking pictures too.


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