the scent of rose

The roses are nearly at their best. . .

with hardly any leaf issues.

I walked out several times this weekend before. .
during. .
and after. .
the rain .
I'd ask them to remain as they are. ..
for the whole season of summer.  . .

but since they as everything else must move forward with the season . .

 . .we'll just spend every moment we can . . .
inhaling their scent.

It's almost enough . .
for me to
go to the perfume counter to ask for the scent of rose. . .
 . ..
and then. .
I think of my mom.

all for now ..


  1. Your roses have a lovely pattern to their petals... Wish that I could smell them. The knockout rose that I planted at my mother's grave does not have a lot of scent.

    What a fun header with the title on the truck door that way. Wouldn't it be fun if your hubby would let you really do that?

  2. I remember my mom had a little walnut like shell container that had a beautiful, strong rose scent in a waxy base. She used it only on special occasions.
    Last night we were out for dinner and the tables had a pretty striped rose in a vase. When I took a sniff of it I was so disappointed. No scent at all.

  3. Only our rugosa roses are out yet - the others are still just in tight little buds. Lovely that I can enjoy yours now and mine later....but I'll share too!

  4. Our son's house has a long highly scented rose hedge and rose bushes around his back garden in every color. Since I am without rose bushes at my place I "borrow" roses from him.

    I know what you mean about scents that bring back memories.

  5. They are so beautiful I can almost smell them!

  6. Great header!

    As for the roses...the first of the season are always the best, so it seems. With all those buds you will be sniffing...and inhaling...and enjoying the rose scent for some time to come! Beautiful.

  7. Nothing (or almost nothing) is better than the scent of roses!

  8. What beautiful roses Lovella. How do you keep them so disease and pest free? Your photos are gorgeous.
    The pink roses remind me of my Mother in law whose favourites were the "Queen Elizabeth" and "Little Darling" Roses.

  9. You made me step ouside my back door and smell the large pink rose taht is leaning over the fence right there - from the neighbors. I can actually imagine the scnet you are talking about. My roses are just begining to open. I'm so tempted to cut them and bring them inside already.

  10. They are such beautiful roses, Lovella! I love their color and they full and abundant petal formation! The rose is my birthday month flower, which I've always been so happy about. Sadly I can't grow any in my yard as i don't receive enough full sun during the day.

  11. Don't you wish they'd stay that way all summer...? But you can always come back to your beautiful photos.
    I love that header and your black background. The fun of showing some creativity.

  12. I dream of roses like yours. Both of my grandmas grew roses like yours and I could almost smell them as I sat here gazing. They are perfect!!! I am so happy that you shared each of the pictures. If I lived closer to you, I would show up at your door and beg for just one for me:)

  13. The scent of roses brings back memories of my dear grandmother.
    She loved them so...


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