11:50 AM

This isn't a normal 11:50 AM in the bungalow.
Normal is lunch at the island.
On Monday we were having a business lunch at our house. . .
and so we were ready.

I had a pot of Borscht on the stove. .
Marg's Health Buns fresh on the table with still slightly firm fresh butter.
A rhubarb platz baked in the morning sat on the counter.
(all out of the book in case he wanted the recipe ...smile)

I've begun to serve Mennonite Food to people who are not familiar with it.
It suddenly dawned on me. . .
it is  special and unique and tasty.

The lunch was enjoyed by the business man and my beloved. .
while I enjoyed the fresh bit of summer in the vases.

All for now. . .


  1. Lovella, your Mennonite lunch sounds wonderful and your flowers look beautiful!
    I like your idea about serving Mennonite foods more often to our guests.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful idea and share our ethnic customs with others. Most of our appointments are in restaurants...This makes it truly unique in sharing your faith for love of people.

  3. I love the idea of serving mennonite food to my guests more often. I served my in laws borscht once, and it went over really well.

  4. Oh it's high time I made some borsch around here! The house and flowers look lovely!

  5. I'm sure those guys loved the lunch.....keep tradition going! Your flowers are stunning!

  6. The lunch sounds yummy, but I'd have spent the whole time with eyes on those flowers - they're so beautiful!

  7. Everything looks and sounds delightful! Mennonite food is truly special! I made borscht this week as well --- as Farmers Market had some delightful beet greens that I purchased.


  8. There is nothing like good honest food. Simple food cooked well is really the best food! Your menu sounds delicious! Loved yourpeonies!

  9. it looks so homey and inviting. i am sure your guest was happy to be with you and enjoy your wonderful lunch.

  10. And how did he enjoy the cuisine? Beautiful blooms!


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