Tilling the Soil Tuesday ~ last week of June

Someone asked recently how my garden stays so weed free.
I thought that perhaps weeds don't grow in these parts .. .

but then I noticed that what I can't see behind the barn . . .
is the gardener busy with his hoe.

When we make our daily trips to the garden. . .
we pull a weed or two.
I find it hard to walk past a weed patch at a place of business. .
and not pull out a few long weeds.
Can you relate to that?

The radishes are finding their way into most things that require a vegetable.

The peas are beginning to find their ladder.

Every dinner starts with a large bowl of garden lettuce.
Yesterday. .
we found that grilled radishes are delicious.
Grilled radishes was new for us.
They turn mellow and retain just a bit of a crunch.

all for now.  .


  1. Grilled radishes...who would have thought. How wonderful to have fresh greens from your garden!

  2. I will actually pull the weeds from flowers beds, etc at places of business!!!
    Just one or two :)

  3. This is the second time recently that I've read about grilled radishes - time to give them a try.
    Yes, I pull weeds in public places and have to restrain myself in others' gardens.

  4. That's a beautiful garden!! My husband is the main weeder of the veggies too - flowers are my domain.

    I'm wondering what's under the teepee structure?

    Never had grilled radishes - sound good!

  5. What an amazing garden......and a personal gardener.

  6. A picture perfect garden! And your own gardener to boot? Does it get any better?

  7. Totally understand the weeding reflex rearing up in public places.

    Your mom's vinegar and sugar radish soak was a big hit with B. Please keep those radiah recipies coming!

  8. I've been known to pull up a few weeds in a public park. It's just instinct, I suppose. Your garden is beautiful - and how well your gardener cares for it.

  9. Beautiful garden! a REAL DELIGHT!

  10. must try grilled radishes....I can't get radishes to grow big in our garden. :( Bad soil, probably. Sauteed radishes, whole, are pretty interesting too...I just love the purple hue they turn!

  11. I'm still looking for a gardner like that...maybe he could sneak by in the wee early mornings?
    Do you ever eat radishes on fresh buns? We used to always eat them like that with butter and salt.

  12. Your roses are beautiful and must smell so wonderful!

    My garden grows in pots and containers and even though they are a small space I have to weed them constantly :)

    I never tried grilled radishes ...they sound good!


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