family weekend away 2011

Granted. . .
the weather was not like this the whole weekend. . .
but if I post the blue skies ..
we'll remember them this way.

During the weekend .. .
there was lots of smiles. .
and plenty of good old fashioned cooperation.

The water was green ..
much greener than the camera recorded.
The white capped mountains in the distance were just several of  the gorgeous snow capped mountains that surrounded us on every side.

Mostly . .
 the days. . .
were spent in the Hot springs pools. . .
which are warm when the air is chilly and comfortable even in drizzle.

There were lots of demonstrations of money well spent on swimming lessons.

There was a very long line up of the ten of us .. .
at the ice cream shop.

There were discussions on the bed.

There was a dress up dinner for us all.

There was lots of delicious food. . .
none of it . .
which was Mennonite. . ..but very tasty.

There was a children's dance floor. . .
enjoying the tunes of the Jones Boys.
 I found the children .. .
much more amusing than the adults dance floor.

There were this seasons swim suits  . .
flip flops. .
and swim aids. . .
which made me smile.

Most of all .. .
we were really thankful to God . .
that we can have our family all together . .
enjoying each other. . .
and planning for days ahead. . .
which we hope. ..will include lots more trips to Harrison Hot Springs Resort.

all for now.  ..


  1. That looked like a lot of fun!
    Harrison is such a beautiful place - the sand and the water, and just enough town(but not too much).
    I wonder where I can get the adult version of that aqua polka-dot bathing suit.

  2. Love that place! What great memories your grands will have...of family and pools...cousins and cones...dances and delicious food...a wonderful time all around.

  3. What a great family getaway! It must've been quite a logistical project to get everyone on the same page at the same time. Yes, I can see why you'd like to do it often. That water looks amazing! Your grands are adorable. Loved the discussion on the bed and the little swimmer ready to leap.

  4. What a wonderful family get away! There is a hot springs resort in Colorado my son and his family go to would be wonderful if we could all go away one day to enjoy it this way!

  5. Looks like a wonderful time Lovella. Love the dancers and the swimmers!

  6. A lovely family time. The kiddos are adorable, as usual!

    British Columbia is such a beautiful place! I think it is one of the prettiest places on Earth --- yet enough undiscovered by earthlings to keep it from being completely overpopulated! You are blessed!

  7. We've had many a trip there...and they love it and I remember you saying, "I can't wait till they are older and now they are.."
    I'm so glad that you were able to enjoy all those special moments.
    Isn't that What Matters Most?

  8. Beautiful post about family! The pictures portray a special time ... these times don't just appear, but we plan for them and work for them. That is how traditions become natural and wonderful memories. Love the picture of the farm hand all dressed up! I'm so happy for you!

  9. What a WONDERFUL time it looks like!!!! All those grandkids!!! They are so adorable!!! KM's curls are just too much! And she looks so cute in her vest. ;) I'm so glad you all could do that together!

  10. We love going out to Harrison Hot Springs. It is so beautiful though I have never gone into the water.
    It looks like a great family time.

  11. What a wonderful recap of your weekend....looks like a perfect family time. Those grands are all so sweet....from swimsuits of the season to the dance floor. The little easter dress you sewed was perfect for the dance....and big brothers matching tie....very handsome. What a great way to begin summer and build memories.


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