Merc's First Show and Shine

Personally. .
I think it should be called Shine and Show and then Shine once more.  ..
but no one asked me.

On Saturday evening when 99 % of Canucks fans were glued to their televisions or luckier yet sitting in the stands. . .
we got our selves cleaned up and went to church.
When church became so full that two Sunday services couldn't  hold the worshippers..
they started a third service on Saturday evenings.

As soon as church was out. .
we did something we rarely do ..
we bolted for the door.

Arriving home in time for the 3rd period and the 10 second overtime.  .
we cheered as though we had sat through the whole thing.

Such a good evening.

On Sunday morning ..
my beloved went into the barn early to do his chores and before noon. .
we were off to the Merc's equivalent of a year end recital.
It was as any typical individual is on the morning of the recital.
We warmed her up good .. .since she stalled on the first attempt to leave the safety of her shop.
Once on her way . .
she apparently couldn't wait to get there. .
and I had to give her handler the eye . . .
to get her under some semblance of control.

None of the other rods had farmers taking them to the recital and we came in a little late. .
Driving through the parking lot. .
making low. .lugging sounds . .we inched our way along looking for a spot to sit.

Being brand new to this. .
we got out of her and looked around wondering what happens next.

She need not have worried.
I stood back and let the two of them have their day.
I didn't need to answer questions. .
or explain how the whole thing began ..
but I sure did enjoy capturing the one being asked.

"Three years" he said. . .

I listened while one after another came to see and offer their review of the finished task.

Her hood was propped open.

Let them look.

When he was busy answering questions of one set of folks. .
I tried my best to answer on the other side.

I know a bit about her too. .
but not like the one that set each bolt and each bead of welding which was sanded and refined to his level of acceptance.

How could I forget those all important numbers yet once again.

383 .. .383.  ..383 .. .383. ...383. .
write it out a hundred times. . .

I won't forget that engine again.
Next time I'll come with a cheat sheet.

The crowd that comes to look is respectful of the project.
No one touches ..
except those that  have a right. . .
as the son who came to see her. .
in her show.

For the most part ..
I stood back and watched . ..
and couldn't help but feel very proud of my husband who built his rod.

The only thing that makes it even better for him ..
is that I love it too.
I'll always be his biggest fan!
all for now . .


  1. John and I had a nice long admiring look at the Mercury. She's really a corker. (John is a bit envious of my saying that this truck is a corker since he thinks his truck is tops; I think it needs the boot.)

  2. The Great Dane would be so interested in this - I'll have to show it to him when I get home. Show and Shine is a favorite outing for us on a summer evening - for him because he loves the old cars and for me because I love to see him have such fun. There's a 1957 TR3 in 1000 pieces in our garage. It was being worked on but I think it will be sold before it goes any further.

  3. Sweet review of the debut! I'll be showing this to Dear when he gets home. What a fabulous day it was for the show...

  4. What a great recap of the Merc's debut! You had the perfect day for showing and shining.

    One bolt at a decision at a time...and in No time...the Merc is beautifully transformed.

  5. She's a beauty! ...and obviously a labor of love.

  6. The Merc turned out to be a thing of beauty! I know Terry's as proud of it as you are of him!

  7. How very fun! My hubby thinks I need an old truck like that...maybe some day. How fun would that be to cruise around in a luscious deep plum old truck as I head to the grocery store. :o)

  8. What a perfect day you had to show it off! You have all the right and reason to be proud of your man.

  9. If our mom's kept up on their middle aged children's baby books, this sort of event would be noted with pictures and then mentioned in letters to the family.
    I think the rod is fantastic. I did have a moment of confusion in one of your pictures where a tree had cast a shadow on the door that looked like blue flames had been painted on. Pretty cool effect.

  10. What a major accomplishment for your husband. Seeing his Mercury would have thrilled my husband. He would have been one of the guys with cameral in hand. What a nice looking truck! I like your last comment and I am sure he did too.


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