Wednesday ..would you look at that

I'm thinking by now. .
that every author who publishes a first book . .
must go through the same . . .
OH look ..
as the ten of us.

I wish that everyone who asks us where they could buy the book . .
could just run to their local book store .. .
like we can.

Last week. .
just for the fun of it. .
I went into the big book store across the line and asked for the book.
He questioned my spelling of Mennonite.  .
but then told me.  .
 I was right.
The book was not currently in stock. . .
but it was in their system and he was more than happy to order it in for me.

I'm glad our book is widely available by the main online book sellers.  ..
but I'm even more glad. .
for the local book stores that have ordered it in faith. .
and are selling them like hot cakes.
Good for them! 

I heard from the warehouse yesterday.
They are expecting the second printing to arrive today.
It's not a moment too soon ..
they just ran out of the first one.

all for now.  .


  1. Such good news that they are already printing a second run!!! It's a dark and rainy day here -- but those are enjoyable once in awhile!

  2. That is wonderful to hear knowing what it means for children in the Urkraine.

    How wonderful that your local bookstores are carrying MGCC. As well they should, I might add, since you're all celebrities now.

  3. Already in the warehouse clearance sales:)

  4. Already in the warehouse clearance sales:)

  5. Love it all. That's hilarious that you had to spell Mennonite...

  6. I'm so glad that the cookbook is selling like hotcakes!

  7. Hooray - such good news!! I'll look in the bookstores in town. Wouldn't that be exciting! Do you think I could just say (oh so casually), "I know these girls!!" :)

  8. What fun...seeing our cookbook featured in flyers that come in the mail!

  9. Wow - that's great news about the second printing. I know that when I bought one last week I left only one on the shelf.

  10. Aren't you all so excited at how many in this world want a copy of your beautifully done cookbook? It must feel like it was worth all the time and energy you all put into it. I am so happy with my cookbook and think of you all every time I look at it.

  11. I just received my copy from Amazon and it is everything I knew it would be AND MORE! Lovely!


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