on her own

Kanneloni Macaroni is a girl who knows what she is capable of and doesn't appreciate being underestimated of her learned skills.

I am not sure who needs to learn more...
me .... value of patience...
or her ..the value of time.

I expect it is a bit of both.
I found this little stool some time ago and it is kept where a bit of an extra step is necessary for DIY (do it yourself) jobs.

On one particular day...
when rushing seemed important..
I helped.

She said..."key-key do".....and hopped off...and with a smile...hopped on .... to prove her point.

Indeed she can.

all for now...


  1. Adorable! Love the little bench....

  2. Precious! "Key-key do", indeed! Big girl...


  3. Precious! Cute little feet. Love the edging around her socks.

  4. Precious feet for sure. Love this photo Lovella!

  5. Love the stool...and the feet!

  6. What a sweet picture. It says it all doesn't it?

  7. awww.... some of us never outgrow our need for a 'step up' to enable us to do the DIY jobs ! smile..

  8. Judging by the placement of the stool,I can just imagine what happened!
    I had a barely two-year-old insisting that she could fix a torn book (lift the flap kind of deal where a piece had come off). She had to have the tape. "No ... Me!" It kept her busy for a while... trying.

  9. Sweet photo....needs a little frame and a bathroom wall! These days go by oh so fast. I like seeing the moments you capture...this one...so cute!

  10. From one grandma to another...this post just made me smile. What a cute moment to be captured on camera. Someday she will smile at this picture too.

  11. We've seen that one before!!!! Cute!

  12. That is adorable...makes me want to sing that commercial song.."I'm a big kid now!"


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