snow day 2012

The snow day began early.
The tractor was called into service to clean the yard since Monday's is the day big trucks arrive on the farm.
The little girls...
watched as Grandpa did a bit of road clearing in front of the bungalow.

It was a dry snow...
too dry for a snowman..
but not too dry for me to sing the song of Frosty...
over and over again.

Late morning..
One Daddy came back to play..
and the tractor piled the snow and packed it tight...
and then the digging began.

Every winter...
there is a  wondering if it pays to buy the snow suits...
and if it snows even one day...
it pays.

I went out now and then to check on the progress.

When I realized that I would have a table full of grands for lunch..
the turkey broth was set to boil and the eggs came out to make noodles.

They kept digging...
and Kanneloni Macaroni and I cranked out noodles and got the soup ready for lunch.

When it was all ready...
we went out to do an igloo inspection...
and do the call to come for lunch.

They were ready for a nice hot bowl of soup those two.
I was glad no one fussed about the sweet sound of slurping.

all for now...


  1. Awww, they were having a great time building that igloo! I'll be watching to see just how long this snow of yours lasts. Slurping can be a very nice sound...never thought of it that way...

  2. You make your own noodles for chicken noodle! Makes me wish I lived closer. You are so talented, slurping and all:)

  3. Glad Terry got to use his new toy on the snow.

  4. Ahh soup on a snowy day...perfect! This snow has an igloo theme. We saw a few in the neighborhood and more on facebook, too. It will be interesting to see if all the predictions come true for a Wednesday snow event down here!

  5. A lovely snow day! There's so much to do outside when it snows. I hope we get some soon!

  6. A great way to make memories on snow day! You are so right...snow suits are worthwhile even if only for a day. Love the tutorial on how to make an igloo.

  7. Looks like so much fun. You're lucky to have grands close by to share snow days with.

  8. This kind of day will stick out in the kids memeory and one day they will think it was always like this.
    Snow and soup just go together. Here it was snow and Kraft dinner yesterday... and then the adults went out for a special dinner.

  9. Your snow looks like it was perfect for igloo making if not snowmen, Lovella:) I bet the grands loved their delicious home made soup!

  10. What a fun day! Those kids always have such fun at your place. I can't believe how tall your oldest girlie is.


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