one for the blog

I really do try not to photograph my children often for the blog.
I really started out wrong.
Perhaps a bit overly ambitious...
I became known early on in my blogging career to have camera in hand ...
and ever alert to a photo opportunity.

They began to think it was only for blogging material.
Shocking I know.
Try as I might...
I was not able to dissuade them from their analysis of my family photo routines.

I just have to say...
sometimes it seems...
that they do it to themselves.

Who wears such photo worthy outfits if you are not looking for some blog coverage?
I know it was not planned...
but my eye is trained on such things. I'll have to be good again...
for a very long time.

Just sayin' though..
if I keel over..
they will rest in peace...
until someone else in the family...
decides to blog.

all for now...


  1. How could you not take a photo of that? It's the perfect blog-worthy photo. Anyone in your family reading your blog knows that you are a superb documenter of good, righteous, and fun things. Amen.

  2. Can't blame you..that is blog worthy! Someday they will find such delight in these photos on your blog!

  3. Nice to see your grandpuppy T. again...always felt bad for you only having one "grand" pet while I had my four...wink.

  4. I couldn't have resisted either.
    They bring it on themselves - really.

  5. Begging to be blogged...for sure. :)

  6. I smile at your quandry, feeling that as well. Being a reporter is a balancing act of editorial rights and privacy acts for sure... but this one ...
    yes.. begging to be blogged is right!

  7. Oh yes! This was definitely a call to be blogged about and photographed. How could you not indeed!?

  8. Ya! They were calling you out....teasing you. How is a mom to resist such a shot? Love it!

  9. Lovella
    Definitely blog worthy!
    It is just too sweet to pass up!

  10. They totally match! You were so right to blog about it!


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