Judy and Marg's party

we took a day to celebrate Judy and Marg's Big Birthday.
Ellen came from across the line as far as my house...
and together Ellen, Anneliese and I  travelled to Harrison Hot Springs.

(Ellen and Kathy in photo)

When we arrived at the Copper Room..
there was a table set and the birthday girls clearly had arrived before us.

Look at those  little aprons.
We knew where our spot was...
if we knew the color combination of our apron.

 These girls...
know how to have fun...
and they know how to make us have fun too.

I tell you...
there were cameras pointing in every direction.
If one person takes a picture...
all of us do...
and it is hard to know where to look.
You would think we would have that part organized by now.

We missed the prairie girls...
and mentioned that more than once.

(Marg, Ellen, Kathy)

There were presents.

(Judy, Bev, Julie, Anneliese)

Who doesn't want to sit beside the birthday girl.

Judy...and Bev.

There is nothing sweeter than the perfect gift...
for the birthday girl.

If you know Marg...
you know she has cute shoes.

We talked our waiter into taking a picture.
Or eight.

I found a fascinator a few weeks ago and bought it for Ellen.
She is a mother of the bride.
I told her she doesn't have to wear it to the wedding...:)

After our lunch....
we went and put on our swim suits.

I am not sure if it was symbolic on purpose or not...
but we did not let go of each others towels...
and kept the lineup unbroken.

Once at the pools...
our fitness instructor pointed us in the direction of the pool...
and we did our fair share of laps....
bobbed in the hot pools.

Marg and Judy...
did not dissapoint us and provided us with a few more giggles.

offered to sacrifice pool time for the job of photographer. 

After a few hours of relaxing in the mineral pools...
we had cake....

....and coffee.

Those girls ...
sure know how to throw a wonderful party...
and I was so happy they invited me.

all for now..


  1. Looks like a great time was had by all!

  2. I'm smiling from PEI! What a wonderful time! You girls certainly DO know how to celebrate!!

  3. These events, described three or four or more different ways, are so much fun. Judy left out the part about the bathing suits and soaking in hot tubs! What a lot of fun you all enjoy together. I'm sure that the prairie gals will love to see the write-ups and they'll wish it had been possible.

    1. Since I can't leave a comment from this computer...but I can leave a reply...I'll chat with Vee here today. Vee...Judy never left out the part about the MGCC sporting swim suits. Or the part about soaking in hot pools and chatting the afternoon away. It's all there! It was the best of times...with the best of friends. And yes...the prairie girls were missed dearly!

  4. I enjoyed all the views of the party - what a lot of thought went into making all that fun! Of course, the best part if when the friends who are invited do their part in appreciating the fun.....then it really all comes together.

  5. You ladies look so nice having fun at your special day.
    Belated Happy birthday to Judy and Marg
    That cake looked yummy, too...And that pool was great.
    Love from NC

  6. You are all having so much fun! I noticed those cute little aprons right away over on Judy's blog. Very clever.

  7. It is so much fun this morning re-visiting our wonderful time together. I haven't even uploaded the photos yet but after Bible Study today I'll get around to it. Thank you for driving me to the Harrison...that really took a lot of stress out of my driving day. Love your photos and your perspective. A good day for sre!!

  8. It was such a fun day....I've enjoyed going from blog to blog this morning....letting the fun and blessings of the day sink in.

  9. So much fun! Thye made it look like there certainly is life after 60!
    Thank you for eth beautiful drive too, Lovella!

  10. I guess my fingers are can't quite wait their turns this morning.

  11. It looks like you had a great time!


    1. We always do! Harrison Resort is one of our favorite spots in the valley!

  12. Looks like a fabulous celebration at a most lovely place. Judy and Marg make turning 60 look like a lot of fun.
    I must really be out of the loop, but I'm still trying to figure out what a "fascinator" is.

    1. Oh it was a lot of fun for sure. About the fascinator...if you look at Ellen's little feather deal in her hair...that is a fascinator. Or...maybe that is just what I think it is called.

  13. Hey, what's with all the pool posts...for once I followed the girl guide rules...
    Yes it was fun...every part of it and it would never be the same without a group of gals like you.
    Were you texting someone to deliver the cake?

  14. What a fun day we had. These gals are the perfect kind of friends. And this was the perfect kind of party! I've loved reliving the memories from all your blogs and seeing it through 6 different pairs of eyes. Thanks to each of you for making it so memorable.

  15. Girls just wanna have fun!

    What a great post and a great time had by all. How wonderful that a recipe sharing idea has turned into such great friendships. I hope the prairie girls get together for a party soon too --- and that they send you pictures to post as well. Happy birthday to the birthday girls.

    And I must just say that I totally LOVE that swim apron! I've never heard or seen such a thing, but it is fantastic!

  16. Lovella - you, as always, captured the party beautifully!!! I am having trouble getting my work done today.....viewing all the different posts about this fantastic event. Glad my boss is understanding :). Shhh.

    Love you guys!!!!

  17. Big smile on my face, Lovella, as I remember the 'live' moments you captured in your camera !
    Perfect was the day... perfect the birthday girls... perfect the friendship.. and perfect post !

  18. It was so much fun to see Judy and Marg's party from your perspective, Lovella! They do "60" so well! It looked like such a wonderful party and it's so nice to see how you all have fun all the time.

  19. The smiles on all of your faces reveals the fun you all have in being together, in celebrating each special event in your lives. What a gift you all are to each other, and what a very special lady you celebrated. Sixty doesn't seem old when you see these pictures. I can only imagine the conversations and laughter that took place. Love all the pictures and the creative way you shared this wonderful event. Judy's cake was beautiful!

  20. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful photos, how I wish we prairie girls could have waved a magic wand and landed at the party for a fun day!


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