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Thanks to the Weather Network for the image.
I just had to share this weather map with you of Canada and the US.
It is not often that all of Canada is freezing.
 It looks like Nova Scotia and Newfoundland alone are above freezing.
Kathie...is it freezing in PEI too?

By tomorrow....
the Fraser Valley should be above freezing temperatures ...
and by next week....
we'll be wondering about flooding from the rain which they are forecasting.

I've been thinking about my parents and the modes of transportation they used during the winter months when they first got married in the early 40's.
For the first years of their marriage...
they lived in Glenbush Saskatchewan.
My Mom told stories of having to ride in this heated sleigh.
She would get terribly "car" sick and was so happy for the summer months when they could ride in open buggies.  

I also found this photo in the album.
I have no idea if they just took a picture of it or if they actually travelled in it.
I did smile to think that the Pathfinder Snowmobile has been around for decades.

In the late 40's my parents  moved to the Fraser Valley in British Columbia with their oldest two sons.
Our memories remember the worst winters and probably overlook the winters that were unremarkable.
It seems to me that every winter had snow and skating ponds and yet I am sure there were plenty of winters that were dreary and rainy.

Here I am with my brother Gerry beside the broiler chicken barn.
From the long icicles (which indicates the barn was warm inside) ...
I am thinking this must have been the winter that my Dad needed to have the driveway opened by the Department of Highways so that we could ship the birds.
(I keep thinking that I wouldn't be allowing the grands to be playing under those icy spikes.)  

I can still recall his gratitude that they did this for him.
We didn't own a tractor and those trucks needed to get into the yard.

I'm wondering if I would remember it as clearly had my Dad not prayed for a solution and then been so thankful that God provided for the need.

all for now...


  1. An interesting prayer to be sure....wouldn't it be fun if God were to publish a book of unusual prayers?

  2. Old photos are such treasures. They prod the memory, and then one puts those memories down for the next generation. That little heated sleigh must have been quite a contraption - your poor motion-sick mum!

  3. This made me smile :) great pictures!

  4. What a lot of wonderful vintage photos, Lovella. I was amazed by them and will be showing John later today. Those icicles are amazing (nope, no grands under those treacherous things). I just asked John not to knock ours off until I get photos of the sun glinting on them. That's a good memory you have of answered prayer. Always good to remember that all of our prayers have been answered so there's no reason not to believe that all of our current and future ones will be as well.

  5. You have some beautiful vintage photos there! Love what you said about being thankful for something because of asking for it first. Sometimes we need to ask to remind us that what we receive is a gift not to be taken for granted.

  6. Those are some mighty unusual vehicles up there in the snowy north! I've never seen the like anywhere down here before. Yes, the very first think I thought at the sight of those icicles was why are those children underneath them! Praise God for the way he answered your Dad's prayer and even all these years later the message of God's care and love is being shown from that one particular snowy season.

  7. Oh I had those same thoughts about those icicles and was very concerned for you standing there! These are great old photos Lovella!

  8. I LOVE those photos. And I even made a squeal thinking about kids playing under the icicles. Amazing how our awareness of safety concerns has changed so much over the years....

  9. Amazing pictures!!! The picture with the icicles reminded me of growing up on the prairies! Our house must not have had very good insulation because we had lots of long icicles all the time!

  10. Weather map..I like that Lovella:) Those photos are awesome, what a wonderful keepsake for memories. I esp liked the the one of answered prayer and that it stayed in your memory.
    Oh I remember playing with icicles and sucking on them too..yikes!

  11. Lovella, I enjoyed seeing these old photos and old fashioned modes of transportation. I've never seen a covered sled or 'snowmobile' like those before. It's been very cold here in New Brunswick since the weekend and we're getting light snow today. It's typical for January to have a cold snap and I know it will soon be over. Have a blessed weekend!

  12. I can't imagine how cold a temperature of minus 25 must feel! I enjoyed looking at your parents old vehicle photos. The long icicles were so amazing!

  13. Hey there Lovella - it was below freezing and now hovering right around it. With really messy, slushy roads.

    Love the old pictures - I can remember playing under similar icicles. I think our parents maybe didn't know half the things we did. :)

  14. Great photos....the first thought for me was...I hope those icicles don't fall. Great memories.

  15. Those are good reminders of the past...we can all hear our parents and grandparents still talk of those times and now our kids will talk about these days way back when...new template ??? New utorials

  16. Lovella
    How wonderful you have your old photos to go with your memories.
    I just bet your parents didn't know that you were even under those
    icicles! I know I had a lot more freedom to roam than I would give
    to my g'kids. Life was different then.
    This is my first time to see the heated buggy or that big what-cha-ma

  17. Wow! That sled is amazing! your mom must have been amazing to live in those kinds of winters! So, chickens run in the family, eh? :) We have a little bit of snow.

  18. Oh wow - we just arrived home from a week in the sunny south (Mexico) and met many good folks from the West who kept us informed as to how cold it was these last few days! Your vintage pictures are amazing. Especially love the heated buggy and the "snowmobile" - what great inventions! Your father's answered prayer must have impressed you...I wonder if my daughter will remember any answered prayers...did I pray enough? Thanks for reminding me to do so.

  19. I thought I'd commented here already but it may still be in draft on my phone.
    My hubby recognized the second "snow vehicle" It's an early Bombardier! Precursor to the snowmobile I'm guessing. Wonderful post, Lovella - I love the great old photos.


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