a shout out to my peeps on their birthday

Judy is on the right.
Marg is on the left.
I took this photo before Christmas at a book signing.
They were already talking then about turning the big six oh.
Marg is younger than Judy.....but just barely.

We'll concentrate on Judy for today.

I just love Judy.

Most of you know Judy from her blog where she pounds out weekly news from her front porch.
I know it is not nice to name drop....
but we are related her and I.
My mil's mother and her mil were sisters.
What does that make us?

It makes us appreciate an extraordinary relationship in friendship and blogging.

Since I know Judy personally...
let me just give you an inside scoop.

She worked with me (and Anneliese) behind the scenes working on the MGCC book.
She has a keen sense of editing as you can tell from her well written blog and is a person who doesn't mind a bit of repetition if it means we'll be happy with the end result.

Besides that....
she is a bit quiet....not looking for attention.
She has this quality in the most honest sense.
She bears a ready smile and is genuinely friendly.
I believe the quality I admire most about Judy is her kindness.
She loves her family...as you know.
She cares about others...for real.
She is steady and balanced.

She shares her faith and it is real.

I count myself blessed to have Judy as a friend.
I believe she will be my friend for life.
Somethings ....
you can count on.


Heidi is my youngest sister by love.
She married my slightly older than me (by four years) brother Gerry.

It's her birthday today too.

I just love Heidi.

She has a zest for life and a determination that far exceeds normal.
She does not give up...
even when she has had cause to want to.
She is smart...really smart.
She is fit as a fiddle....running in half marathons.
She loves her family with a fierce loyalty.
She has a sense of humor and enjoys us rolling our eyes.
She readily helps others and has empathy for those who have less.
I can't imagine our family without her.
We save them seats at church every weekend.
They are enjoying time away...
and she said that we should think of it as a holiday for us too....
since we don't have to save them seats this weekend.
That's Heidi.

I count myself very blessed to have Heidi as a "sister".
We are sisters for life.
In this lifetime...
she'll  be forever married to my brother.
I can count on.

Happy Birthday dear ones!
You are all celebrating....
and I wish you a wonderful day.


  1. Good friends are a real treasure! I hope these friends have special birthdays!!!!

  2. I loved what you wrote about Judy because that has been my experience of her. I'd like to add 'generous' to all the other qualities, because she is generous with her time, her sense of humour, her faith and her experience.

    1. Pondside...you are so right about Judy...she is indeed the most generous person!

  3. Loved reading the tributes to two special ladies in your life who are both like sisters I am certain. Happy birthday to them both!

    1. Vee, I am curious to know if you are going to be able to post a comment now. I love being able to reply to comments in this form. I guess I'll know soon. :)

    2. Yes, it's wonderful if it works. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  4. Thank-you for your wishes...and your very kind words...my friend! And how nice to share a birthday with Heidi. I know very few people who have a birthday on January 19th...though I met one last night, celebrating at the same place we were.

  5. Lovely birthday tributes to 2 lovely ladies!!

  6. Happy birthday to two very special gals!! You're so blessed to have them in your life.

  7. Happy Birthday to your SIL as well as to Judy. Lovella, you described Judy so well. Her parents and mine were friends and we would play together when we came from Ontario to visit family. We met again when our children attended the same schools. And now we have the added friendship in MGCC. It's a friendship I too value very much. Judy is one special girl.

  8. What beautiful tributes! I know Judy too and your words reflect her perfectly. I can see it's a dear friendship you and her share.
    I have only met Heidi several times, but I know you are more than sister in laws...you are dear friends too.
    Blessed you are ...and blessed they are! Happy birthday to them both!

  9. I LOVE that you entitled with the words, "Shout out to my peeps," when their names are Marg & Judy. It's awesome how you are. I *heart* you, Lovella.

    I hope your friends are honored and blessed by your words. No doubt they will be.

  10. I enjoyed reading this post as I know both Judy and Heidi. Heidi not so well, but I can totally see her that way, and Judy . . . I just agreed with the wrods as I read them. So true.
    What an honor to know them and to be blessed by their
    example, faith and commitment.
    It is a special day ... this being my daughter-in-law's birthday too!


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