for the beauty ....they remain

I have to say...
I love getting mail that matches.
This year....I stacked the Christmas cards in the center of our coffee table.
They remain...
while the rest of the things that came out of my boxes have been tucked away again.

The nativity scene is still there on the mantel...
reminding me that Christmas has not left our home.
The reason for the season remains.


  1. Oh this warms my heart. My cards are still out, too. Why did I put my nativity away so soon?

  2. Ahh are a lover of beautiful things. You know how to put things together in a pretty and whimsical way too. I like that you are keeping your nativity scene up for a while.

  3. I like the matching cards too and it makes it fun how you display them. I decided to leave some of my greenery and lights up yet ... it just looks too stark when everything gets taken down. January is gloomy enough and still needs some twinkle lights and candles.

  4. I like that you kept out the nativity set!

    The cards are about all that remain of our Christmas decor...and they'll be staying for awhile.


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