phases one to three

The Blizzard

We had a full week of winter here in the Fraser Valley.
I expect that the remainder of our winter will be rain and our attention will turn to Primulas soon.

It certainly was not the worst storm I've seen.
From my vantage point with 5/6 of my person within the bungalow I kept waiting for the white out.
I was wanting to show you the gusts...
but kept missing them.

While I was fixing our eggs for lunch I took a few quick snaps...
but again..
nothing jaw dropping.

The Calm

Once the wind settled down and before phase three commenced...
I pulled on my rain boots with the fleece liners..
put on my hat and winter coat and went to see the surrounding mountains in the distance.
The scene above is of the mountains to the north and the population of west end of the city.

Towards the end of phase two...
the raspberry canes that had shaken free from their frosting...
waved gently in the breeze.

The Freeze

On Friday morning we were promised phase three of freezing rain.
So sure they were of the onset of the ice coating everything...
that schools were cancelled in anticipation of the perilous conditions and the children had a free day.

I kept looking out the window...
hoping it would "start....already".
What good is a freezing rain event if it happens in the dark?
It began an hour before sunset and I coaxed the camera on the tripod to focus and shoot something worth posting.

The Thaw

We woke Saturday morning to dissolved icicles in the form of puddles all about...
and I declared it over.
As I write this on Sunday afternoon..
it is raining and windy.

It was so tempting to turn it all to AUTO...
but my new resolve kept me turning knobs and pushing buttons and then looking at those always mystifying histograms.

I said yesterday...
"I need a new lens".

He said..."well you just keep practising."
Ha ha!!

I intend to showcase what I am learning on Monday's.
Next week...I'll  begin to note which settings I used so that those of you who are "less" amateur...
can give me helpful hints.


  1. It appears to me that you've captured each phase artfully and well. So my vote is that you have earned the new lens. See how easy that was from so many miles away?!

  2. Lovely photos, Lovella, they make me feel cold! It is snowy and foggy here - the weather is warming up today in Lancaster County.


  3. Am following your photography adventure with a keen interest - even dug out my tripod today. Good for you to teach yourself and sharing with us - I'm so impressed! Also, I enjoy your "word" pictures - love how you weave a story.

  4. Great job shooting manual. What lens are you listing for?

  5. I will just stop in to see your progress on Mondays...I will hope to learn a thing or two on Mondays. I'll be tips from me:)

  6. I do enjoy all these snowy scenes and can imagine the cold. We are having rain here today...

  7. Your photos are beautiful. Of course the scenery is beautiful too. Love the mountains and the fields with raspberry canes. We're getting a warm up tonight and tomorrow with rain after a week of bitter cold. January thaw.

  8. Great photos of your weather. We got lots of rain and wind over our weekend. Drove up to Campbell River yesterday and the ocean was well churned up. White caps everywhere, but today it is clear out and the sun peeks out. So far we are finding our primulas to enjoy inside at the grocery store, but I do have a few yellow ones in the garden that I fight with the slugs over - they love the flowers!
    We are awaiting more rain and wind. Thanks for showing the canes, as we love Fraser Valley raspberries here in the Comox Valley.

  9. Way to go Lovella. The photos are great. Someday maybe I'll move out of auto!!

  10. I'm impressed you did those on manual setting! I will be checking in on Mondays too . . . although it will probably take more than reading what you have learned. I will probalby have to cut up and chew my own food. Reading a manual is a daunting task, if you ask me.

  11. I found a computer that will let me comment here (my other one woudn't)!

    I only use manual settings by I think I better come here for lessons. The accidents don't always turn out so well!

  12. Lovely photos, Lovella! I hardly ever use my camera's manuel settings so I think I will be learning from you!


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