BC Agriculture Gala

The Fraser Valley is rich in Agriculture and when you add the rest of British Columbia into that equation...
it is evident we live in an area that feeds a lot of people near and far.

Being farmers ourself..
we thought we would seek out this gala that has been celebrating farmers for years.

The flowers all grown locally in green houses...
became beautiful centerpieces.
That arrangement now sits on my table at home.

These were our table mates.
You will recognize Judy from her Front Porch.
Her and Elmer agreed to attend with us and we decided it was an event worth repeating...
with the same table mates.

We are second cousins...
well technically my beloved and her beloved are second cousins.
Judy...is one of the Mennonite Girls Can Cook...but you probably knew that.

The guest speaker who had thought through a talk on inspiring farmers to do our best...
found himself with a concussion the day before and so Colin Angus stepped in with his slide show and gave us a most inspiring story of his own.

His book is worth a read...
according to our table mates.

Who rows across the Atlantic ocean.
He does!  


It was quite delicious.

A menu showcasing agriculture across the province.

The dessert was made by a class of students who are sponsored by agriculture.

Farming in British Columbia.
It's a good thing.

all for now..


  1. Great review.
    I thought I saw someone that looked like you from a distance. I'm sure that most of the farmers could relate with Colin Angus speech 'Driven by Human Power' That is the life of farming, living by the forces of weather's nature and surviving.

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  3. Yes...farming in BC is a good thing! (Most days....that is.) And yes...to same tablemates next time around.

  4. What a great way to support locally and enjoy an elegant evening out with friends. Beautiful bouquet!

  5. I should say! You and Judy may find yourselves as the speakers one year soon. I love how you showed us the food and the table settings and the napkin folding and the flowers...

  6. Oh boy! Everything really looks top notch. I'm glad you were treated well. Now I'm really hungry!

  7. Judging from your photos, I would agree that farming in BC is definitely a good thing. The flowers and tablesetting are beautiful and the food made my mouth water, especially the main course. Gosh that looks delicious! I know the company was fabulous too and you all look so nice.

  8. That looks like a fantastic Gala and you and Judy looked so gorgeous. BC has a very classy Ag council I must say! Promoting local produce is something dear to my heart.

  9. It sounds like a wonderful affair, Lovella! The food looked delicious and the guest speaker so interesting. You and Judy and yoiur spouses have such nice times together. Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Oh, that sounds like a fun evening!
    Getting spoiled with a nice dinner and
    flowers to take home!

  11. It was lovely to see you there :) If you ever want to borrow any of the Colin Angus books, we have them all (and his documentaries too!) We are big fans of his!!

  12. That looked like a lovely evening - and a delicious dinner! Of course, you were in the best of company!

  13. Thanks for sharing with us! http://theredeemedgardener.blogspot.com/

  14. I appreciate anything that honors farming. This looks like they put lots of time and planning into creating a lovely dinner for you all. What fun for the four of you to be together for the evening. Great pictures!


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