things a mother can't fix

Remember my big aim about getting all our family sized up in these shoes that provide a needy child with shoes for every shoe you buy?
I tried...
OH I tried.
Before Christmas I put in another order and this box of shoes arrived with this label.
Look carefully.
What do you see behind the label?

There they are...the ones in the behind label that no one in this household wanted.
The good news... was we are able to see that the size 13 fit our grown-up son just fine.
So...I called them up and they said they would send out ...
the right shoes in the right box.
They emailed me a prepaid postage label to send the wrong shoes in the right box with the over pasted label back to their warehouse.

I was so impressed.

The right shoes came in the right box a day before Christmas.
I wrapped them up and tucked them under the tree.
And then..
he tried them on.
Look at the two boxes.
Notice how the wrong shoes in the box on the left take up the entire space of the box?
Look at the right shoes in the right box on the right side have space to spare in the box?
He tried to try them on..
OH he tried.

I had flash backs to the little leather shoes my Dad made for him when he was an infant.
It was much the same..  his wee feet were not so wee and never did fit infant sized shoes...
 and now the same foot having grown much larger ..
trying to fit in shoes that have no hope.

The right shoes with the mislabeled size  and the wrong shoes with the right size have all gone back to the warehouse.
Some feet are meant to try on shoes in the store.

Having said all that...
I still believe they do a good thing and will keep buying the wee ones shoes and  from the company that gives another pair to a needy child.

all for now...


  1. My kids all have Toms. We do not have the huge feet issue here our house though.

    Sorry it didn't work out for your son...


  2. Too bad they didn't fit! I sure like the buy a pair, they give a pair away to someone needy.

  3. Well, you gave it a good try!

    I can identify with the 'shoes too small' syndrome. :)

  4. I remember the little leather shoes your dad made. Sorry things did not work out size wise. What a great way to support others in need.

  5. Well, it looks like you gave it your best shot. Maybe two kids still got shoes?
    I had to re-read you post to figure it out... I guess the big guy did not want a "slipper" look? We got B those same shoes last Christmas and they may have been size 13 too. I have not seen him wear them much, but maybe a little boy somewhere is wearing shoes.

  6. That's right Anneliese...the big slippers look doesn't work so good on big feet. I love mine slipper style and can't wait until spring to go barefoot in them again.
    The canvas style really doesn't work in our wet winters.

  7. That is too funny. The strategy is great...but for now...I alway try shoes on like everything else.
    But this brought a smile to our faces.

  8. Where is that link to buy the shoes please?


  9. Found it thanks.

  10. Oh dear. Sure that you don't want to try again? I know nothing about these shoes other than what you've blogged. I am intrigued.

  11. Sharon...thanks for thinking of the link...I've added it to the post now. I'm glad you found it!
    Take care...

  12. Oh my! I can see you are much more patient than I am.
    It does help that its for a good

  13. Oh dear. I'm glad they were so good about returns...

  14. I do like Tom's Shoes. But I have difficulty always when I order shoes online. It's a jinx.

  15. I like that idea, and may 'borrow' it for birthdays.
    My son never, ever fit the booties that were knit for him as a newborn. His feet are (drum roll) Size 15 and have been that size since he was 16. We never, ever had the issue of needing the popular, 'in' shoe. He was always happy to get whatever we could find, usually by catalogue from the US in those days.

  16. josh bought me toms for christmas this year! mine were the wrong size as well, so he returned them and ordered the right size. when i went to pick them up (a 45 minute drive, mind you) they were the wrong color!! i wasn't picky about it, just made a little comment and prepared to pay for them anyways and got a 20 percent discount without even asking for one! i LOVE them, they apparently are huge sellers right now.


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