Happy Birthday dear Kathy

It is a gift to have traditions worth repeating.
One that I especially love is celebrating Kathy's birthday on New Years Eve.
Today is actually her birthday.
Happy Birthday dear friend!
I wish you a wonderful year filled with delights you never imagined and peace and contentment for those days we wish would be over.

While two couples can enjoy an evening together ....
three couples make it even more special.
I loved the relaxed way we visited.
With so much in common . .
and daily visits between the girls ..
it is nice to once in a blue moon have a reason to sit across from each other and chat to our fill.

We enjoyed some steaks off the grill ..
some fresh asparagus and some fresh rolled out noodles with a cream and mushroom sauce.
It was New Years eve after all.
The cake?
Well...it had to be special.
If I can get one decent photo of a slice...
it will be posted eventually.

After dinner we watched "the help".
I had read the book months ago and purchased the movie to watch on this evening and it was nearly killing me to wait since I found the book ..
Oh so good.
Have you read the book?
Seen the movie?

It struck me that I was a preschooler during the era that the movie takes place.
I remember things about that time in my life and in particular President Kennedy being shot.
I'm curious to know how people living in that area feel about the movie and book.

After the movie we visited a bit more and rang in the new year together.
They left after one.
OH. ..it was such a nice evening.
I loved it.
Is it okay to say that if you are the hostess?

all for now . .


  1. Lovella - I love the birthday wish at the beginning of your blog. Such a wonderful way to spend New Year's Eve and celebrate a birthday with dear friends! I just received "The Help" book for Christmas and can't wait to read it!

  2. What a lovely way to honor Kathy on her birthday and ring in the new year as well. Your hospitality is such an inspiration to me, Lovella. Thank you for sharing it.
    That cake is a work of art and looks so delicious.
    Happy New Year!!

  3. That cake looks amazing Lovella! You really put on a beautiful spread! Happy Birthday Kathy.
    I haven't read or seen the Help yet but it's on my list.

  4. It sounds like the perfect way to celebrate a birthday & New Years Eve all rolled into one. Good company...good entertainment...and good food. And a birthday cake extraordinaire! Wishing you a wonderful birthday, Kathy.

  5. I think it's alright for a hostess to say it was a great evening - what a wonderful feeling!
    It sounds like you made the perfect celebration, and the cake.....well, it looks delicious!
    I've read The Help and watched the movie. I'm glad I read the book, because while the movie was good, I felt that I understood many of the nuances because I'd read about them in depth.

  6. It sounds like a lovely evening, Lovella, wonderful food, good friends, a thought provoking movie and satisfying conversation. You can enjoy it without guilt.
    Our book club read "the Help" and saw the movie. It made me think about that whole civil rights era and how removed we were from all the conflict and injustice. I too wonder how those who lived in the south at that time feel about the story.

  7. It is OK for the hostess to comment on such a lovely evening....and I hope it's OK for the birthday girl to also say she felt loved and special.
    It was such a nice way to celebrate the end of a year filled with many blessings individually and as girls, and our husbands support throughout 'the year of the book'.
    You and Terry put on such a beautiful meal....the warm welcome, lovely cozy home to enjoy, the table so pretty, scrumptious meal....and the cake! You know what I love. I love layers..whether it's with clothes or food....layer after layer of cream, cake, pudding, cherries.....oh my!
    THANK YOU for making it such a special evening....and we really enjoyed the company....and the movie. Happy New Years!

  8. Looks like a fun time was had by all! I'm getting ready to start reading "The Help", just as soon as I get off the computer today in fact! I have intentionally not seen the movie yet, want to read the book first.

    What a gorgeous looking cake and festive atmosphere in the bungalow!

  9. I am so glad you enjoyed the evening even though you went to so much work. It was a wonderful time and even though I was not the Birthday girl, I felt honored and pampered and spoiled. Thank you, again!

  10. When the hostess says it was a good evening, I think it really, really must have been. What a wonderful day to have a birthday...today, yesterday, any day that's close to the New Year. Can't wait to see the cake. Did it have anything to do with trees?

  11. When one has the right combination of people, it does not matter where you are. You enjoy them for their presence and continue to enjoy those on-going traditions.
    And I think the most wonderful things is, that you could create a relaxing meal without all the little ones pulling at your strings.
    The atmosphere, people and food made for a perfect evening.

  12. Happy birthday to Kathy! It looks like you all had a wonderful evening and a happy new year's eve!

    I read "The Help" and enjoyed the book very much. I have the movie on my NetFlix list.

    I was 10 when President Kennedy was shot and the Civil Rights Movement is a blur to me. Growing up in the north, in a large city like NY, I don't think there was the same level of prejudice that existed in the south. My life experiences have always been integrated and I'm glad to know diversity. We are all God's children.

    I do remember very well being frightened during the Cuban Missile Crisis that took place during the Kennedy administration, however. We had drills in school where we practiced shielding ourselves from an atom bomb blast ...sigh.

  13. Lovella, thank you so much for sharing this special event with us. For sharing your beautiful, cozy, inviting home and the good looking pictures of you, Kathy and Annilese. What a fun time to be together and just enjoy laughing and talking together. It is my favorite way to spend my time. Your Christmas decorations were so pretty!


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