the seating arrangement

Well it might not have been the Portzelky that he wanted so badly...
and I don't think he's buying it that we are all eating what he is eating...
but it comes on a spoon and that seems to satisfy ...
for now.

On Wednesday night dinner...
there was a shuffle in chairs.
Kanneloni Macaroni gave up her high chair to Little Oh...
and Little Miss Muffet now holds the position of eldest in the second high chair.

Kanneloni Macaroni sat in a high  bar stool...
kitty corner from me at the table....
close to her mommy and Little OH.
This was not suitable for her.
She wants another change.

The oldest two grands...
would appreciate a rotation in the seating arrangement as well.
They, seated on either side of us...(the grand-parents between them)....
on the east side...
would appreciate being seated side by side with us (the grand-parents) seated apart on each...
the other side of the two of them. seems that the grand-parents will indeed have to be separated.
Kanneloni Macaroni wants a seat on the east side of the table as well.
Little Miss Muffet and Little OH...
have no idea...

I am thinking that in 3 1/2 years...
the oldest two can sit together on the west side...
and we'll still be where we are...
with the littlest ones on either side...
and  Kanneloni Macaroni between us.

The parents of the grands?
Dads sit on the south end...the north end..
the mothers on the west side flanked on either side by the babies..
and the middle..
(between the mothers...not on the table)
to catch all the action.

Does he look confused or what?


  1. Aren't they funny, how they can be so opinionated at such a young age!

    Little Oh is adorable!


  2. So cute- I'm imagining my future - I think we need a larger table :)

    Little Oh is darling - he's really getting big!

  3. Baby Oh sure has grown!!! And he looks just like his brother! Poor thing, stuck with rice cereal.

  4. Just when you think you've got life figured out, the grands make you do chair-math!

  5. Real food, already? I better see if Baby Lucy is eating with the big folks yet. She wasn't two weeks ago.

    Who would have known that seating arrangements at Grammie's could require that much thought? I know!

  6. If he's not confused.....I am:) He is growing up so fast!

  7. Yes...he does. I watched a seating arrangement drama at the Chinese restaurant the other day. The grammy just didn't have enough sides to satisfy the grandkids! LOL...

  8. Oh that's cute, Lovella. I know that we're in the market for a bigger table and I hope that helps with all of our seating arrangements.

    That child is darling!

  9. That last look on little Oh's face..that would be me right about now:)

  10. Our seating arrangements are always changing...depends who they like the most...obviously Princess Peach was well liked yesterday.

  11. This is too funny - I am totally confused ~~~~
    Sounds a bit like Feng Shei goin' on to me! Such a cutie that Little Oh!

  12. Well, you know me when it comes to east and west ... I would normally be confused were it not for the fact that you invited us to the east wing the other night... so I can kind of picture it. And then the day may come when you may just have to put some at the bar ... if they keep coming. That's what I have to do if they are all here. That way Grammy has three sides ... four if you cound across from me .. but the older ones are starting to want to sit beside each other... so the Grammy fame does not last forever, just so you know. You probably know that already too.

  13. I loe the look of your header so pretty and I hope you have a lovely weekend.


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