Question: How long does a guitar last when a four year old plays it when it was constructed to be handled by a careful adult?

Answer...not long.

The guitar never did make it home on the eve of the gifting.
It stayed back to be touched by the hand of the fixer.

And fixed it was.
Screwed and glued and painted and delivered.

All is well with the wee musician.
We were treated to a concert on our next visit.
He "strums" at the right time while looking rather serious and singing Jingle Bells.

It's a start.

all for now...


  1. He looks so handsome, much more handsome than any rock star I've seen, with his very handsome guitar. It is a start and I'll not be surprised to learn one day that he is an accomplished guitar player. I am already certain that he sings very well.

  2. I love that look on his face, he's ready to perform!

  3. Ha! He looks quite comfortable with that guitar!

  4. glad it could be mended! I'm thinking it means a lot to him....and it suits him to a tee.

  5. Things break in your house too? Always nice to have a "fixer". By the way... it looks like your little farmhand is left handed?

  6. I wondered too if he is a 'south paw'? We have several so I notice that all the time. A very handsome little musician. Looks like you have a handy dandy guy around to mend those sorts of things...that's what grandpa's do:) Love those concerts we grandparents get to watch and listen to...I can imagine he was as proud as you were of him. I love It!

  7. I love it when the grands sing. Imagine having one that strums too! :)

  8. Lots of that kind of thing happening around here and poor Michael collects quite a pile to fix -- he's quite good at fixing seemingly never fixable things.

    Loved the chicken shaped portzelky!!!


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