such wasted in my inbox

I signed up for this super saver option that sends me suggestions each day for the  "gr_ _ _ _ _" of the day.

Before we get going here...
this is not a post to talk about the artwork in the photo above.
I'm not brave enough to open a forum on that artwork here on my blog.

I have bought quite a few "group _ _ _" for me and my beloved and have also purchased some for friends  and family and have smiled as I think of them opening their surprise via email.

I've heard talk that this will soon be a super saver option that will go up in fumes.
It seems they are going to run out of businesses eventually that will take the bait in procuring new business.

I did buy one set of "group _ _ _"  for a lovely little soap store...
but when I went there and talked to the store owner...
I almost told her I would pay full price as she told me the very long version of how it had become very expensive for her....
almost making her business unable to remain open.

I never did use that full "group _ _ ".
I didn't have the heart.

when this one came in the mail the other day...
it just made me smile.

Who...tell me who...
would assume to purchase this super saver value for someone else?

Buy 5 additional as gifts it says.

I suspect those that bear the art that I know....
would be rather disappointed to find one of these "group  _ _ _" inserted in their greeting card.

I mean...
I totally understand why someone would buy this particular super saver "_ _ _ _ _ on" for themselves...
but 5 for gifts?

I said...."ha ha".

I love the top paragraph in the photo above.

Really "among sailors?"

and can "frighten young children"?

and maybe...(though they didn't mention this...but middle aged women too).

So there you have it...
just an amusement from my inbox.
Such value ...
so unable to be used.
I let that one pass.

I think I'll go visit my "g _ _ _ pon" storage bank and see what super saver value is there waiting for me.

Don't leave me unloving comments okay?
Try to have a sense of humor!


  1. Funny stuff!

    I see more and more tattoo removal ads...I wonder if the tattoo 'craze' is on it's way out?

    My dad has two tattoos one on each forearm of them in Asia when he was a sailor! So that part was true from your add, but they never frightened any young children, not even in the pool! :P

    Have a wonderful day!

    1. I love that story Deanna....thanks for sharing.

  2. If they run a wrinkle removal deal at that price (laser removal, the kind that really works) I will not be insulted if you get a "gift" for me as a friend. Even if you don't need it yourself....

    1. For sure Jill.....I'll snap up the whole works and ask my kids if they already found my fun. Now there is a super saver value I could use.

    2. Count me in on that deal! :)

  3. That offer is a winner...for sure! I can't really think of too many in my world who would appreciate the gift. Though I do know a gentleman who has his previous wife's name tatooed on his arm. Hmmm.

  4. That is too funny!! Ouch - that would hurt! I couldn't believe all the tattoos we saw on the beach last week - some would surely frighten young children - they frightened me!!!

  5. I'd like to rid the world of scary things. There's the most beautiful young mother who is loving and good and sporting a snake that wraps around her wrist and up her arm all the way across her shoulder blade. Wonder what it would cost to get rid of that and WHAT was she thinking?

    I can't imagine that if these coupons are putting business owners under that they'll last much longer. (And that's another thing I'd like to rid the world of...whining business owners. Just stop and take a different tack.) Feel free to use your handy dandy delete if this post is too offensive. I can't be trusted today. ☺

  6. That's one I haven't gotten yet! I just keep thinking what all these tats are going to look like when these kids hit 70!

  7. What do you mean, who would buy it for someone else?
    I could see my mom buying it for her grandchildren.
    I mean ... she did ask one of them if bleach would take it off.

    1. Yes, that comment was rather rude and it kind of upset that grandchild... she likes her tats, they're very personal and meaningful to her.

  8. I'm with Ellen - I often wonder what those tattoos will look like when the skin under them is wrinkled! Seeing tattoos on women always reminds me of Rolph the Dog's song on the Muppets Show; "Lydia the Tattooed Lady" Very funny.

  9. Well, I work with a lot of people who have tattoos - some pretty scary and some pretty ugly. I don't think any of them were done in a spirit of celebration or happiness. When I see a young woman with a tattoo I wish I could introduce her to some of The Great Dane's military friends who had parachutes and guns inked onto their forearms - now deflated parachutes and drooping guns, and just think what a sagging tattoo would look like on a fleshier part of the anatomy!! Yikes!

  10. I have my own story...and it would be rather painful for me to share it on a public blog...but I have always warned my kids...that it stays forever and even with removal techniques...there is scarring and emotional pain involved.

  11. Lovella, you do me proud on this one. A girl after my own heart.....
    Thanks for the smile.


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