who were they anyways?

Well by now you have seen that the Mennonite Girls Can Cook have had their first ever . . 
 "everyone in attendance summit".

You have seen the pictures posted on MGCC and have likely visited some of the girls blogs to catch additional snippets of our time together.
If you can imagine for a moment watching the papparazi take pictures of only each other rather than the celebrites around them. . .you might have a glimpse on what it was like to spend 3 full days with 10 women with an intense need to document each other and every moment.

Most everything about the 3 full days has been already said but of course I have to document my two cents worth for my own need to document every wonderful moment as well.

" maahgarrret.  .und . . katttee". . .
who arrived quite unexpectedly took us instantly back to our days of what we found so amusing but also so endearing of the women of our heritage.  We don't often see those dear ladies around town too often anymore but there was a time when kerchiefs, heavy accents and week day dresses stood in the lineups at the local Mennonite supermarket. 
It reminded me of how I could make fun of my mom's style choices but no one else could.
My mom would have had a few giggles at these two. . .and would have surely thought we were talking about "her" mom.

The volunteer at the local airport sent smiles of encouragement their way when they arrived to greet our out of town girls.  A local saw them and instantly recognized that they had come to entertain and greet the girls arriving.  We won't be seeing those two around until the next summit so when you spot them. . .
you can be sure that another get together is at hand.
All for now ..


  1. Reminds me of my Polish heritage where the women of old wore babushkas!

  2. I'm glad you got some audio from this momentous event ;0)

  3. That was so cute! What a great get-together that must have been.

  4. Sigh...I am way too curious by half and now I realize that I am never going to know. One of those gals had hairy legs...now c'mon! :D

    My grandmothers wore housedresses when I was a child. My nan was a bit more adventurous and slipped on slacks some of the time. Not my paternal grandmother...not ever. Both wore kerchiefs in windy or rainy or cold weather and they both always wore hose. So it's not as if they look that unfamiliar. Whoever they are, they've created a lot of fun, which is zehr gut (or sehr gut)! (I struggled through a year of German and remember spelling it with a "z." But in checking I see that most recommend an "s." Which is it?

  5. Too funny....it's always interesting to see yourself in action. Too funny. Kathy

  6. What a greeting we got at the airport..shall never forget it!
    It was such fun!!

  7. I am thankful that you clarified this for me. I wondered if they were part of you all, and now I know. How perfect! I would like those two ladies to be part of my group. They do remind me of my grandma when she was younger. The best way to be greeted at a summit...in my mind anyway. You all sure do know how to throw a "summit" party:) Love that it was shared with us.

  8. Priceless! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Looks like you had a dream come true girls week! I am so happy for you that you all were able to meet at the same time & same place. I know that this was something you have looked forward to for years. I am sure you laughed yourselves silly!

  10. This was way too much fun...Now when I reflect back...I wonder, how did this all come together.
    Next thing, we'll be on u-tube...
    Isn't there something about Permissions???

  11. There are always style comebacks; what was once old is becomes new again.
    When that particular looks shows up at the Gap, I will be sure to let everyone know that it was first spotted at your local airport. And suggest they sell bread loaves as a fashionable accessory.

  12. So much fun! You girls are a hoot! Always fun to make a visit here.


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