the worms's view

Tell me the truth . .
when is the last time you laid on the grass with the worms popping through to see what all the hubub is about and looked up?
I do it now and then ..
because I can.
I might try it again today since my garden is in desparate need of a tug o' war with the perennials that have long since ceased to be . . .
Me thinks. . .
I'll head out after lunch when the sunshine has convinced the dew to take it's leave.
This morning . . .
I'm off to run errands ..
and I plan to make it worth my while . .
with a wee visit.

On top of all that . ..
I hope to finally get around to do some visiting with my blog friends . .
which has been long overdue.

All for now . .


  1. Not something I've tried. I was thinking that the poor worms do all the work and they're always up to their ears in dirt. :D

    The perennial gardens do look a fright, but I'm allowing the growth to go back to the ground without doing too much tugging. A little, but I want to see them again next year.

    Have fun on your wee visit...

  2. Enjoy your day! The days have long gone since I could lie on the grass and then get up again with ease - arthritic knee after injury will do that to ya! Do it while you can! Good for you!

  3. I know...too preoccupied to lay about on the grass lately. Oh...and it's been a little too wet as well. Have a good day...doing as you please.

  4. You would not of seen me lying on the grass yesterday...but today is another day...
    It's feels good to run errands and catch up with blog friends. I really missed that over summer.

  5. I dig a little pulling and tugging yesterday afternoon too. Have a fun day. It's nice to see the sunshine....and do enjoy that wee visit. Kathy

  6. A great view..but wouldn't particularly care to share the space with a worm:)


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