Fantastic news. . .
I found them.

Does anyone use cheques anymore?
I use one per month.

With online banking. . .automatic giving. . and plastic this and that. . it seems that cheques are all but obsolete.

This spring . . .I ran out. . .so I went online and ordered myself a new supply.
I remember back in the day I would fill out the little form at the back of the cheque book and drop it off at the bank on my next visit but now I didn't even need to bother with that little chore.
I ticked off this box and that box. . .not needing any changes since I needed cheques years ago. . .
and waited for them so show up in my mail.

And. . .they did.
I opened up the package and slipped a new book in my handbag and went to do my shopping. . .
and that is the last I remember seeing that box of cheques.

A week or so later I remembered the box of cheques and idly supposed that I had put them in the spot I always keep them . . .and took a quick look to be sure.
The box  cheques was not in its ususal cheque storage spot.

Spring came and went. . .summer came and went. . and I cannot tell you how many times I looked under my seat in the car. ..the passenger seat . . .the back seats. . .wondering where on earth I put those cheques.

I  cleaned up the office drawers. . .and still I could not find the box of cheques.

Yesterday. . .I went online and nearly had them void the whole kitn' caboodle but decided I would try to pray first.

I prayed. ..Dear Lord. .I'm losing it here. and I both know that those cheques have got to be in this office.  My car has not been broken into. .(even though my beloved just suggested it might have been). .
and I'd just be so grateful if you could help me find those cheques. .

I know that God is not my personal butler. .but I do believe he just loves to give me the desire of my heart from time to time.

So ..anyways. ..
I went to the cheque storage spot. .
and decided to give it one last shot. .
I removed all the contents of the drawer. ..all the files. ..all the folders. ..all the binders. . .everything. .
and at the bottom there was a thin envelope that could not possibly hold a box of cheques.
I picked up the 5 X 7 envelope from the closed end. .and what do you think fell out of the open end?
Three books of cheques.

What is this I wondered?  Where is the box? 
OH. .or was there no box at all. . .ever?
(I know. .not a very intelligent conversation with myself)

It seems that the good people at the online cheque ordering place have considered that there might be folks out there that have untowards ideas about packages that look like they might contain cheques.
They have made the outside of the envelope clear of any markings that would suggest. . .cheques.

Honestly. . .where my brain was that day that I opened up the envelope containing books of cheques was. . .
is up for question.

I only know. ..that my books of cheques that will last me 100 months.  ..
is safely tucked away in the convenient little zipper pouch bag to store them.

I just  can't tell you how thankful I was.

all for now. .


  1. Ahhh, the forgetful mind! Welcome to the club. LOL

  2. You shouldn't write down all that detailed information about where your checks are. Just sayin'...

  3. You're right - they didn't come in the box. You're not the only one who didn't notice! We only use them for offering now.

    Hmmm - better be listening to Anonymous :)

  4. Oh how I can relate to this post. So glad you found them. God is good.

  5. would I really tell where they are?
    ....okay .. I'll delete that part.. .

  6. I use cheques ALL the times. Hot lunches, fieldtrips, school fees, tithe, etc. I keep the banks in business :)

  7. God does care about the little details of our life. He is a friend....the best friend. We can talk to Him about anything. Glad you found those cheques....I have misplaced things a time or two and it drives me nut! Kathy

  8. I write personal cheques for two purposes only...and so am not always sure where to find them either. How things have changed!

    Now I am wondering if I should pray about my missing 'favorite' cookbook. It's quite large...and hard to hide.

  9. Thanks for the chuckle this morning. Glad I'm not the only one thats "loosing it" I misplace things all the time. Any ideas where to find Jim's fishing reel !!!

  10. I remember our last package coming in the mail and thinking, you would not really know these were cheques...with no name of a Bank anywhere ...
    Glad you found them! A while back we cleaned out some old files and found our life written out in cheques... groceries, school, music lessons,everything! I was almost sad to throw them out.

  11. Praying for help with lost items has a remarkable success rate around here. Does God "re-boot" our memories or just move the stuff where we can find it?

    Either way, glad your mystery was solved.

  12. That was me not so long ago! I never used cheques. Then we entered into the school system and I go through cheques like water! Well, almost...
    I'm so glad you found them! And it's so good when God answers our prayers...even the little ones!

  13. PS: I've always ordered checks. Cheques sound so much classier, are they more expensive? (grin)

  14. I found this explanation in Wikipedia ...
    The spellings check, checque, and cheque were used interchangeably from the 17th century until the 20th century.[2] However, since the 19th century, the spelling cheque (from the French word chèque) has become standard for the financial instrument in the Commonwealth and Ireland, while check is used only for the verb "to verify", thus distinguishing the two definitions in writing.[nb 2]

    In American English, the usual spelling for both is "check".[4]

    It's cause I'm Canadian Jill. ..tell tale sign. . we like our U's.
    I know it is only wikipedia. . but they have a point about our commonwealth spelling.

  15. I try to avoid French anything, for political reasons. I hope you are not trying to blend in with those nut cases in K-beck.
    "Check" it is!

  16. I had the same situation except with my cellphone. I was sure it hadn't left the house but someone found it on the churchyard of all places. Unfortunately it had been rained on and I had to replace it.
    I sure am very grateful that God cares when we're frustrated and sometimes jogs our memory when we're at the end of places to look. (I love that "reboot" concept - it's a great way to describe what God does for us.)

  17. Cheques have all but disappeared, haven't they? I use about one a year as well, and find myself hunting for them each time. So you remember way back when - every shop had 'counter' cheques on which one wrote one's own bank address and account number. Now that dates me!!!

  18. You made fun of a well meant advice.
    If you didn't tell where you really kept your checks, then were you lying?
    ... never mind ...

  19. Thanks for bringing all my suspicions up to date about our new chequing systems. I was totally put out when I no longer could receive my classy cheques...these look so boring and I don't like filling in all those dates...but as you's so seldom..They will last a long time.

  20. My niece attended Dalhousie for two years and came home with "u"s in her spellings. Her Canadian professors called anything spelled the U.S. way incorrect. Guess it's become ingrained or she's still looking over her shoulder for a professor.


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