can I get that number please?

I was wondering the other day when the last time I  had made new phone and address lists?

It finally dawned on me.  .
I needed  a new one.

I compiled our old wedding address lists that we had for our kids. .
and my oldie goldie address book that hardly had a current address left in it. .
and my phone list that had more scribbled on the side than the orginal typed list. .
and now. .
I have lists that are saved in my computer. .
and when the kids call for that address they need. . .
I have it. .
I hope.

If you all plan on moving. .
or changing your phone number. .
can you  let me know?
I'll make the necessary deletes. .
and keep you current.

All for now. .


  1. It's a neverending job these days with people continually letting landlines go and switching cell phone plans. All the best with it!

  2. That is what I updated list. Good on you getting that done!

  3. Years ago I decided to put all my address entries in my trusty address book with of the best decisions I've made in the world of organization. Just erase the old address and add the new. I guess I need to step into the 21st century and put my stuff into the computer?! Oye!

  4. I can identify...just not with the new and improved list.

  5. Good job!! And yes, I'm with Ellen and penciling in numbers. I keep my old address books and occasionally look through them, remembering...

    May I encourage you to also keep a hard copy somewhere? And as I learned the hard way, keep a wallet sized lists of immediate family and friends numbers in your wallet. Being in an unexpected emergency without a cell phone one day taught me that.

  6. What a great idea....I sure need to do that too. Kathy (MGCC)


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