How is Gerry doing?

So many of you have asked after my brother Gerry.
I thought I might do a bit of an update here for those of you who . . . are curious .. .care . .and those who just might be wondering if this liberation treatment for Multiple Sclerosis could help you or someone you care very much about.

The Canadian government at this point is still not sold on the CCSVI  treatment that Gerry had.
He has a step by step guide to his experience on his blog that has more information there than I can explain. . .so do visit him there if it is real information you need.

I am purely looking at his progress since the liberation treatment from a sisters point of view.

When Gerry and Heidi walk in the door. . .
I see hope. 
His eyes are bright and alert.
His face that once looked weary  looks rested.
He walks without a cane. . and he doesn't limp.
He is driving car again . . something he had given up on his own.
He is enjoying working outside.
The two of them. . .are so hopeful and so enjoying his regained health.

We had them over for faspa on Sunday night.
My brother Ken is batching while Mary is out visiting their daughter in eastern Canada so he came too.
We just visited. . .it was so good.
Just relaxing and talking  . . .like the good ole' days.

We talked about how long it will take the Canadian Medical system to get on board. 
We are confident they will.
There are so many people that have travelled abroad to receive treatment and they can't all possibly be living the placebo effect. 

For now. . .
we are enjoying having our brother back.
God has answered our prayers. . .and we are thankful.

Thanks for asking about him. .
I love being able to tell his story.

All for now. .


  1. I'm so glad to hear it!! My mom would have loved to see this day!

  2. That is very good news and I don't think that Gerry could "make it up." For the first time (except for your blog), I read about this in my local paper in Dr. Paul Donohue's column. (I think it's a nationwide one.)

  3. You answered my question regarding your brother and his treatment and it blessed my heart to hear your answer. What great news! So happy for both of them and for all of you.

  4. I am so happy for your brother and his family..what a change!

  5. How wonderful to have your brother doing so well. What an answer to prayer! I heard the Canadian government was now considering funding some form of treatment for MS...and was wondering if it was this. Hope for MS patients...that is what they need.

  6. I've been following your brother's blog with interest- what wonderful results! While no one close to me right now has MS, over the years I've watched friends struggle with the disease. I was so heartened to read that the Sask government will take the chance with the study - that wonderful prairie can-do spirit!

  7. Isn't it wonderful when the family feels healthy together again...It's a new lease on life for all of you.
    It's so good to enjoy these friendships while God gives us those opportunities

  8. What a wonderful blessing for all of you. How great for you to see his eyes bright and alert!

  9. So good to see the continuous progress after the surgery your brother had. My friend returned as well with the greatest news. In her case, the vein was 95% blocked and she had constant headaches - they are all gone! She has no more numbness in her hands and she can now hold a conversation without being in constant pain. Many more little steps of progress every day. Thanking the Lord and praying that Canada will provide this kind of care for those who need it!

  10. Thanks for the update. Gerry does look good in the picture. Kathy

  11. Thanks for the update! I was just thinking about him and telling hubby about him when I watched the news last night and saw the hundreds of people that were marching on Parliament Hill to try to get the government to move forward with this treatment. So neat to hear that he is doing so much better!

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  13. I remember how people ridiculed even the idea of MS so many years ago. How a loving mother took her daughter to a physiotherapist. Silly. Massage therapist. What next!! Really far out idea everyone muttered. What a waste of money. How the daughter was spoiled, was just attention seeking (a doctor said that one). How if the family would just stop indulging her, she'd have to get up, walk. Go to work.

    My cousin died at age 36, mother of a small child; so even though I don't know about this new treatment (some say, waste of money) I hope it works, and more power to those who try it.

    P.S. She was living in northern Saskatchewan when diagnosed, and born in northern Manitoba.


  14. I'm so happy to hear he's doing so well. PTL Sounds as though you had a nice evening with your brothers.

  15. I'm so thrilled and grateful for Gerry's improved health. What a gift!


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