Did you know they make Bibles in GIANT PRINT that you do not need a carry on with wheels to transport?
I found this little Melon Green and Turquoise  Bible several weeks ago. .
snapped it up and claimed my newly renovated seat in church.

The lady sitting next to me. . .(aka my sister by love). . Heidi. .
was checking it out. . .and I noted that it appeard she was coveting it.
This last week. . .
she sat beside me in church again.  .
and after some time. .
I noticed that she had the same GIANT PRINT in her Bible.  (as she was smiling)

She picked a different cover which oddly now I liked better. . .  (but did not covet)
but it was the same inside.

So. . .there we sat the two 50 somethings. .
GIANT PRINT Bibles in hand. .
and at the same moment underlined the same phrase.

I hope we'll have many more years of sitting side by side in church. .
and lots more opportunites to learn a thing or two from each other.

Sisters-by-love. . .
the next best thing?   .. .or the best?
I say the best.  (with a smile)


  1. Hmmm, sadly this 30 something gal is beginning to covet, ahem ...admire, that giant print bible!!

  2. I caught a glimpse of your new Bible a few weeks back...and have been secretly 'coveting' one like it ever since. Enjoy it...alongside the other one almost like it

  3. Well it looks like more of us could covet one like's so hard to transfer all my favorites and underlined versus and where would I ever find them again?
    Great colors.

  4. I think I need one like that!
    I like the underlined part.

  5. That is so much fun. Glad you didn't fall into the coveting trap :0)

  6. Just glad I only need a large print edition. It would be a tad embarassing to be hefting a GIANT print version. (snicker...)

    I like the cover colors!

  7. I will need to check this out ... and I think I know where to go. Sweet post!

  8. Ah, I felt so "caught" at church Lovella, but in a fun sort of way. I thought about the coveting fact and I think God is ok with me coveting a Bible. The leather is so smooth the pages so inviting and the print so nice and big....
    Here, here to many more years of sitting together and learning.
    Love you!

  9. About 10 years ago, it was in church that I first noticed that my vision wasn't what it should be. The hymnal was waaaaay to small!
    This post made me smile at the thought of the two sisters-by-love sitting together.


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