slow fall

Is fall arriving late in your part of the world?
I'm looking back in my pictures to past years and realizing that by now it should appear autumnish around here.
We're having leaves fall from our Tulip tree but that is only because the aphids have sucked the life out of the leaves and they are calling it quits early before they are properly hued for fall.

Yesterday while it rained . ..
I chatted with Kathy on speakerphone while I asked her opinion on what to remove from the closet.
It's pretty handy having a friend who knows your clothes and can give a solid opinion without you even having to try it on.
It's a pity she wasn't here.  .we could have done a proper post on the event.

At the end of the day. .
I had room to spare in my closet. .
and everything that is in it. .
I'll wear.


  1. Fall is late here this year as well...about two weeks behind actually.

    Oh to have a close friend to help with closet purging. It's one of those necessary chores that feels so good when accomplished. Good going!

  2. Everyone of us needs a friend like you have. I have three daughters and sometimes they give advice without even being asked:) "Mom, maybe you might want to get rid of that shirt". Oh, the joy of daughters. Seriously, I do appreciate their advice just as I am sure you do your friend's advice.

  3. It's cold and rainy here - the crisp and sunny fall days that we love haven't yet arrived.
    Could I borrow your friend for my closet?

  4. I think I need a closet friend as well. Or maybe I just need to tackle the closet one fine day! You are ready for fall...whenever it arrives in full force.

  5. I will swish my arms around in our richly hued mountains and encourage Autumn to attend to your area as well.

  6. Closet cleaning is the perfect activity for autumn! I think I need to do something along those lines rather soon myself. But autumn is slow in arriving here, as always. In fact, we are supposed to be having a little heatwave with 90F temps this weekend.

  7. Our fall is just about as usual I think. the leaves are just beginning to turn - around mid-Oct we'll be in blazing glory.

    Wish I had a friend like that - it makes me nervous just thinking about tackling that chore!

  8. i'm hoping fall waits maybe 2 more weeks so i can enjoy a bit of it too! Thanks for sharing a picture of the beginnings of fall though-it is indeed lovely!

  9. What a beautiful photo of the leaves...
    Cleaning out closets - I need the reminder! smile

  10. It looks like not only your closet got a makeover but your blog as well. Your header and pictures are beautiful! I'm way behind. Still not wanting to admit it's Fall. Is it really late?

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