the days of the travelling sisterhood..part two

I woke up early on Wednesday morning and saw to it that I would be ready for my carpool ride.
Anneliese and I had agreed to take turns and I was nearly sitting on the mailbox when she pulled into the driveway.
I felt like a kid going off to camp . ..
I had a basket filled with all the possible eventualities for a full day.

We arrived at Judy's front porch and didn't bother to knock but opened the door since we could hear the chatter and the laughter before we reached the doorknob.

The aroma of freshly baked rolls and savory ham and egg cups greeted our senses and we basked in the knowledge that this was only the beginning of day two.

Her brunch was really delicious and I secretly applauded myself for having the good sense to sit at the kitchen table with my beloved earlier with only a yogurt in front of me .. .
when I normally enjoy a  farmers breakfast.

With her table set as with brilliant hues of cheerfulness .. .
we sat and enjoyed her efforts that began in the middle of the night.

Our social committee kept a sharp eye on their time and before we were tempted for that extra cup of coffee we were off to meet our cruise.

Bev and her husband Harv  had the party barge ready for us to embark.
The social committee had coolers for us to help carry and we were off.

Though the day before had set record rainfalls for the last day of August. .
September 1st met us with a light breeze and warm sunny skies.

We headed across Harrison Lake towards Echo Island.
I passed out my little ginger pills to those that share my woozey tummy.

The boat had plenty of room to move about and switch seats to visit with everyone during the two hour excursion.

In between when we were furthest from where we had come . .
we docked the barge on a quiet sandy beach. .
and Harv .. had cameras slung about his neck and snapped away.

Peaceful and quiet. .
and every so many wonderful moments ..

Once back on the boat. .
Marg and Kathy  opened up their picnic baskets and served us chilled drinks and a beautiful platter of cheese and crackers.

These ladies did not miss a detail.
They even brought the appropriate napkins for our snack.

When we arrived back at Harrison Hot Springs boat dock. .
Bev hurried to their home where we relaxed while she effortlessly assembled the most fantastic post cruise dinner.

As I look back ...
I relive each special effort that was made.
Special table settings and fresh flowers and always. .
meaningful conversations that enriched our lives.

We enjoyed thier back yard as the sun was setting . .
and before we knew it the social committe was off . .
leaving us instructions to follow . .
in a bit.

We took the moment of extra time to do a few more photo ops  ..
and Harv . .again had cameras slung about his neck.

Just as the sun was setting we arrived at Marg's home where she and Kathy were finishing up preparations for our spa retreat evening.

Quiet music ..
a room with a massage therapist  .
and a bowl with names to pick for our turn. . .
while the rest of us enjoyed beautiful desserts and conversations.

Somewhere around ten in the evening ..
we all headed back to our homes and our guest rooms. .
and smiled in the knowledge that we still had one whole day to enjoy.

All for now.  .


  1. How fortunate you are to have such wonderful friends to have such a gorgeous retreat ladies thot of everything!

  2. I love the recaps was all so fun!

  3. ok - it's the massage that sent me over the envy brink!! :)

    I'm keeping all your ideas for a similar retreat here. You had way too much fun!

  4. Those photo op sites: can they be rented on occasion? Perfect setting for such a lovely group of ladies. I can see the joy in your faces as you went through your days together. A bit of brilliance including chair massages for everyone too, but then again, you know how massages happen in my world.
    (It was most reassuring to see you all get off the boat safely after the seemingly endless treats and would have been hilarious if the boat had sank after one nosh too many!)

  5. What a wonderful time!!!!! I really hope that when I'm in your stage of life I'll have friends to do this with too.

  6. Oh and the visual memories!!
    One of Judy's egg cups would be good right now. Love your photos Lovella!

  7. First I want one of those egg cups and then I'll have a massage, thank you!

  8. I'm still smiling...about all the good memories. Oh...and about Marg's 'under-the-sink-cabinet-door' that chose to fall apart when we arrived!

  9. You gals are amazing! You really know how to nurture one another and have fun doing it. Wonderful pics of each home and wonderful boat ride, too!

  10. What a great bunch! You indeed are blessed!

  11. Every once in a while it seems like God blesses us with moments of refreshment like the ones you all had last weekend. The thing that stands out to me in regards to the weekend, is the beautiful smiles on everyone's faces. Really makes me wish I was sitting in each picture with you all. Love that you shared it all.

  12. I was waiting for that shot Lovella, of the broken door...but I love how you recapped these days...I think I will just sit at the computer for rest of my life looking at these posts, photos and reliving the memories.


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