the bouquet

Sure. . I didn't get my gardening tended to yesterday.
Life is like that sometimes.
It didn't matter though. . .
I got a bouqet. .
with instructions that it should directly into a glass of water.
Sure. .
and she brought one to Grandpa too. . .
carried it right over his lawn to him.
If you know him. .
you would see the humor in that.

I did.

all for now. .


  1. Hahahahahaha...must be a little like blowing those bits of fluff over the lawn. I imagine that goes over great, too. You're always making me grin, Lovella. Such a cute way with words.

  2. Yes I do know about T's dandelion vendetta. What a riot!

  3. Too funny! But we know, every gift from the grands is accepted with gratitude.

  4. i can imagine the little fist tightly curled around them. I've had many of those little bouquets from my little ones - and I'm looking forward to the grandkiddie ones!

  5. Too cute..Jon would love that:)

  6. There are sure to be lots of bright bouquets next spring!

  7. Makes me smile too! More bouquets next year for you to enjoy!

  8. So cute...At least you got something...


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