out for lunch

Yesterday we took a  day away from the farm.
He drove.  ..and I navigated.
While we've walked the seawall around the Vancouver harbour. . .
we've often mentioned that we should check out the restaraunt in Coal Harbour.
We entered the parking garage and parked in our parking spot.
(I say that because we park in the same parkade everytime we go to Vancouver and head to the furthest corner and no one ever parks beside us.)
If you know my beloved . . .you will understand why this is a desirable outcome.

From there.  ..it is all downhill to the harbour . . .
and Cardero's is situated over the water.
He had the salmon burger. . .and I had the fish tacos.
Both of the lunches have us plannng on going back.

After lunch . .
we walked back up to Robson Street and moseyed through the shops.

At three o'clock we stopped for an Americano. . .
outside in the sunshine.
At 6:00 . ..we found our car. . 
paid our $25 for parking. . .
and headed back to the country.
On the way home.  .
we picked up some take out. . 
and made it home just in time to watch Survivor.
And that. . .
is how we spent our day.

All for now. . .


  1. For some reason, food eaten over or near water always seems to taste the best! Sounds like a very nice day-date to me! :)

  2. A day like that - the sunshine - the blue sky - you found the perfect way to spend it!

  3. You couldn't have picked a better day to galavant...they have been few and far between this month. Sea food...by the water...in the sunshine...sounds about perfect.

  4. Sounds like a lovely day. I understand the parking-in-the-farthest-corner-having-nobody-park-beside-you thing.My beloved has always done that and now I do it too.

  5. Dear Lovella, I feel as if I know you from your lovely site. For many weeks your blog has been a source of smiles, sighs and inspiration. Thank you for sharing God's love and your daily life in such a beautiful way.
    As I was reading older posts, I saw the one referring to Here I Stand (Charlotte's friendship poem). Howevere, I could not access it. It is by invitation only. Do you have Charlotte's email so that I can send her a request. Thank you, Karen

  6. Classy day! You do realize that people fly in from all over the world to have exactly the same experience that you two had? I hope you found shopping to be rewarding, and that T. didn't have to wait too long while you checked out the latest items.

    Just a tad disappointed you didn't check out the area I want to explore. But then again, shopping there probably would have driven him crazy.

  7. What a lovely day - and your pictures of the boats in the harbour with the mountains in the background are gorgeous! That's something I don't see around here.

    My travelling boys tell me that Vancouver is #2 on their list of favourite cities. (home has to be #1 of course :)

  8. Sounds like a fun day! And you had a beautiful day for being out and about.

  9. You had much prettier skies yesterday than we did down here. What beautiful blues, both water and sky!

  10. What a nice view from your lunch window. Sounds like a perfect day and sometimes the most important thing is just getting away to do something fun and a bit out of the norm. (Don't look now, but your hubby is really checking out that boat.)

  11. I loved your day...it's time for some days like that...but at my age..I need to already stay for night..just to make it last longer.
    Great day for photos eh?
    I love hanging out at Cardeiro's rain or shine..I'm always at the patio outside...I love it there.
    Glad you had such a good time.

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  13. What a perfect day! You two are an inspiration ... again and again! So good to keep dating!

  14. Sounds like a delightful day.

  15. You two should write a book to married couples. It seems you both have a way of creating fun times together. Sounds like a perfectly relaxing day together. So important to keeping the spark alive.

  16. I've been reading your blog for a bit and have to come out of hiding to say that we love Cardero's restaurant too! We often leave winter in Alberta and come to Vancouver in February and like to stay at the Westin Bayshore. I must persuade DH to go up Robson Street next time :) Our favourite activity is to rent bikes and bike the seawall and go on down through English Bay. Once we biked all the way over to Granville Island and took the ferry back home, with our bikes. Good, good times! Thanks for letting me ramble - I do love your blog!


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