cleaning on friday

I love retro linens.  .
even more so when they have been stitched by a special lady.
Thanks mom. .
I'll treasure it always.

My mom-by-love made these before she was married. . .
and then put them away in her cedar chest and never used them. . .
and now they are mine.

I'm using them.
They are way too special to hide away..
and if I am careful with them. .
the grandgirlies can have them next.

all for now. .


  1. I love those old linens..and I use mine too. 'Too special to hide away', that's so true! And the sweet memories to cherish as we use the things passed on to us from our dear mothers.

  2. You knew I would especially love that hat! Now to be cleaning house in a topper like: a serious millinery addiction.

  3. I used mine way back when...they are no more! But my daughter's...made by her grandmother...are safely packed away. Treasures from a time gone by.

  4. I clean on Fridays.. I did not know that was a tea towel rule.

  5. So cute. I have a couple of pillowcases that we received as wedding presents. "His and Hers" - very similar embroidery.

    (Count on Jill to note the hat :)

  6. I admired them when we were at your home for High Tea. They really are a treasure.

  7. I so agree with you, Lovella. Such treasures are meant to be enjoyed. My grandmother kept all her new towels and blankets, pillowcases, and sheets packed away. When we took them out, they were rotted and ruined. Such a waste!

  8. I have an entire collection from my Grammy that I treasure. You're right they are too special to be put away for safe keeping.


  9. You are the perfect pick for getting these lovely little towels, because I know you really appreciate the time that went into them, and the sentiment of the loving hands that stitched them. Your grandgirlies will enjoy them one day too. Kathy (MGCC)

  10. I have some from my mother and my grandmother. I do treasure mine too and hope my granddaughters will enjoy them someday...a long time from now. Yours are so white.


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