the days of the travelling sisterhood .. part one

I woke up the morning of our dream come true first ever MGCC summit at four in the morning.
To say I was excited is a mild understatement.
It was like Christmas morning as a child.
I knew it would be a good day but could not imagine how it would all unfold.

After the meet and greet at the airport . ..
I came back a pinch earilier to turn on the coffee maker so that the scent of fresh coffee would greet the weary . ..rain kissed travellers as they came in the door.
Somehow the fragrance of pickles and sandwiches and coffee takes me back to my childhood when my mom would have ladies over in the evening for showers . that seemed perfect to start our time together.

After an afternoon of visiting our local sponsors . .
our social committee directed us to Anneliese's home.

See the hostess behind the talking hand?
I speculate that Julie must have been sharing something exciting with us at that moment. . .and needed her hand to describe it fully.
Now. . look at again at the hostess. .
Anneliese was peaceful and joyful in her position as hostess on our first dinner together.

A person who smiles as she tends to the details. .
was born to share her home.
She wondered during the day if her centerpiece of live grapevine and small underdeveloped grapes would have wilted while we gallivanted across town and down into the prairie.
It was beautiful and I so enjoyed how she combined the colors of her garden with the rest of her table service.

She served Trish's Bread Pudding and mentioned it was in honor of our once partner in the blog.
I thought that was very sweet and again demonstrated her sensitive nature.

She took pictures of us around her table.
She chatted with us briefly before she returned thanks to God for the food.
She was so delighted to have us there at her house.
We believed her.
It showed.

Julie. . .shared with us some inspirational thoughts before we closed our first day.
She passed out potholders. . .that she made us.
Her hand crafte gift is such a wonderful reminder of the first day of the MGCC summit.

As I came home that first night ..
I thought about all that had brought us to this place.
It didn't just happen . .
it was on purpose . .
intentional . .
and all about wanting to be together.

Before we headed off to bed . .
I managed to come up with a few additional words to offer my beloved . . .
as I apparently had a few of my daily quota left . .
and then I slept like a baby.
(the kind that has learned to sleep through the night)

All for now . .


  1. So fun reading about your adventure with your friends. How fun for you guys. Also wanted to say how great your hair looks. Looks like you are growing it a bit. Blessings Leana

  2. WOW!! What an amazing and fun time you must have had!! i'm so glad you could get everyone together. You all have worked so hard on the MGCC and everyone enjoys the blog so much. I'm so happy for you.

  3. It has been fun to read about your time together and I look forward to reading more. I do believe that God's calling is upong MGCC and that the sky is the limit where you gals are concerned and I pray that the Lord will continue to bless you all each and every day.

    My! You were up with the chickens again this morning! (First commenter on my East Coast blog.)

  4. Ahh Lovella..I can't seem to read enough of our time together and don't want it to was beyond awesome:)

  5. What a lovely post about your first day together and your first hostess. I've only met one member of your group, but if you are all half as hospitable, welcoming, interesting, and charming as she, you are amazing.

  6. Loving re-visiting our time together. You said it all perfectly, and thank you again for the wonderful high tea. Kathy

  7. I'm still savoring the wonderful time we had together and I'm so enjoying seeing each added post in the adventure we had. :0)

  8. I love the title... the travelling sisterhood ... and I loved having you all around my table...
    but I'm not exactly angelic ... feels so strange to be described ... glad my part is done. =)

  9. I smiled as I read the title of this post...right on!

    I'm enjoying re-living our 'summit' through the eyes and words of each of you. Two warm and welcoming hostesses on our first day...and such an enthusiastic group that no amount of rain could dampen the spirits. Beyond Betty said.

  10. You girls had the most fun! I've been smiling just reading about it!

  11. I live across the United States from all of you but I find myself enjoying this adventure more than you all can imagine. The fact that you took the time to share it with blogland is a real blessing. My respect and admiration for all of you has grown with the sharing of the "summit".

  12. How exciting. I hope that oneday I can find the same kind of close knit group of friends that you all seem to be. So comfortable together. However, I was secretly hoping that this meeting might lead to the makings of an actual cookbook!!! My printer cannot keep up!

    Thanks for sharing. You really are an ispirational group of ladies.

  13. You recaptured your dream so well...I think I will come back to these blogs for a long thank praise God for his hand in orchestrating these wonderful dreams.

  14. Special note to Julie: Potholders for everyont this time, hankies for everyone next time...from what I am reading this group just can't stop the tears!


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