relief sale zweiback and going to mom's

While we were at the relief sale we ran into our Mom (My beloved's).
She opened up her bag and showed us that she had bought a bag of Zweibach at the bake sale.
They were nice big ones. . .and looked quite nice and soft.
I thought it would be quite funny if I posted them here and you recognized them as having donated them to the bake sale.
If you did. . .I'm here to tell you . . you did a fine job.  .keep it up.

So then. .
we got the call to come for a bowl of soup and zweiback for supper yesterday.
Sure. . .we are usually free for such invitations. 
I took some pictures of her soup. .
and jotted down what she put in it (for a future MGCC post). .while she listed it off the top of her head.

. . .and then. .
my eyes feel upon these beauties.
She had brought over some plum perishky last week. .
and we ate them all.
I mentioned that we had enjoyed them so much and if she wanted to ..
she could whip up some more.
She did . ..and I took some pictures for a MGCC future post.
As we left. .
she said with a smile ..
"I'm not baking any more. . .that's the end of the plums". .
"sure". . .I said. . with a smile.

all for now. .


  1. Tell her the plum 'perishky' were fabulous! Did she know she was baking for 'extended family'? There's still plums at the market...I think I may need to try my hand at plum pie-by-the-yard.

  2. I think I need to go out right now and make plum perishky just like your mom did and just like my mom did...That will be the perfect pie for a perfect occasion this weekend.
    What a delight to enjoy your mother's home-cooked baking.

  3. How fun to get invites like these and to enjoy your MIL's hospitality and cooking. Everything looks yummy!

  4. those perishky look amazing. Makes me want to go to the store to pick up some plums

  5. Good eats all around as usual! I wonder if your MIL has talked to my MIL: I am suspicious since mentioned that she wasn't going to bake anymore. My MIL loves to have us over for restaurants.

  6. Lucky you! I miss living close enough to my mum for such invitations - but come winter, she'll be back in town and I'll be able to pop over often.

  7. All that mennonite jargon! I have no idea what those things are.....but I'm learning. I know what paska and borcht are. So I guess that's something.

  8. And now I am hungry for all this food!
    Invites out are always fun!

  9. Mmmm Looks incredibly tasty!! Sad I missed the relief sale but look forward to it next year! And now I want some zweiback... and plum perishky!

  10. I think I'm just going to have to try some of these mennonite delicacies!!! Those "perishky" look so good. :)


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