Apple Crop

The apples are ripe.
This is good.
I have pie crust ready in the refrigerator. .
freezer bags for apple sauce. .
and sugar to add just a pinch of sweetness.

It seems that some days. . .
I could do with a sprinkle of sugar to sweeten me up some.

I'm willing to give it a whirl.

I guess time will tell. .
if I seem sweeter to you. .
it helped.

If I get a bit tart . . .
I should go for more.  .

All for now. .


  1. Ahh yes sweet or tart. Love the looks of your apples. Mine are long gone.

  2. We love you Lovella, sweet or tart..I would love to have a piece of your tart day...and add some sweetness to it..Have a wonderful day.

  3. You're one of the sweetest bloggers I know :)

    Apples are ready here too - but it's so warm that I'm thinking of beach instead of apples. Is that surprising? :)

  4. During a quick trip home I stripped our apple trees - all that fruit is waiting in the cool garage for me. The house will smell good this weekend!

  5. I know not whereof you never seem to be lacking in the sweetness department!

    I ate the one apple left hanging on our I mowed lawns yesterday. It was the best!

  6. Mix it up...make everyone guess your mood from minute to minute. Blame it on hormones.

    Our apple tree had a huge crop of tiny apples that mostly fell during August. We'll know to prune and spray next year.

    Hoping neighbor's pear crop will be outstanding and up for sharing...

  7. do you ever have problems with the sauce tasting like plastic?

  8. Hmmm, I have a sign that says "Be Sweet." It's not for anyone else in the house, but myself!

  9. Lovely apples pic! I've been "in the mood" for pie making this week. I'm inspired now!


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