the big mennonite event 2010

Did anyone else go to the Mennonite Central Committee Relief Sale this weekend?
I 've had people tell me they've never been.
I love it all.
The crazy busy line up for the Wareneki. . .
the hoards of people .. 
the taps on the shoulder from people I now know. .
and running into the same people every year that we see way too seldom.

I made my way over to the Ten Thousand Villages booth and asked if any of the Langley staff was there.
They sponsor Mennonite Girls Can Cook every month to feed hungry kids.
I was so thrilled to meet Olga the manager of that store and another staff member.
Isn't it nice to be able to put a face to an email?
I was delighted and they were so nice.

Did you all eat the Borscht?
My Auntie Betty helped to make it.
A very long day and yet she still was smiling and enjoying the sale.

Every year we run into someone we can invite over for coffee after.
This year it was Judy and Elmer.
They still had food tickets left and so they bought a bag of Portzelky and we taste tested them at our house with a cup of hot coffee.
They were excellent.

Yesterday was family day.
We invited everyone over for Chinese Food.
Mom picked it up. .
and it became her treat along with the Perishky she baked.

Over all. .
it was a memorable weekend.
I can honestly say. . I'll remember it as long as I live.

Maybe one day. .
I'll tell you the rest of the story.

All for now. .


  1. Our relief sale is coming up next month, here in VA in the US. The common treats here are shoofly pies, homemade donuts, Brunswick stew, apple butter, and BBQ chicken. Interesting to see the regional differences but common reasons for coming together as a community!

  2. I always say that you know how to have fun. The differences in cuisine are a delight and I'll be wending my way back to MGCC to find out what some of these items are. Great photo of Judy and Elmer!

  3. What a fun time..I love those unplanned get togethers.

  4. We joined the masses...mostly chatting with long-lost friends and relatives as we inched our way through the venue. Good cause...good people...good can't go wrong. And then to be invited to an doesn't get any better. Thanks, Terry and Lovella!

  5. Glad you had fun....and found some friends to share it with. Kathy

  6. What a wonderful event to cap this past month off with :0)
    I'll have to come back to view the post again because some of the photos weren't showing up for me...

  7. I'm baaack...and all the photos popped up for me! Such happy faces!

  8. That Judy and Elmer...they show up everywhere! I hope the event raised gobs of money to help those in need around the globe.

  9. Our sale here in Central Kansas happens in April give or take a few days around my birthday. We eat Borscht, New Year's cookies (Porzelke?), Vreneki, and the highlight of the day is the auctioning off of beautiful quilts.

  10. Yes, what a wonderful event...It's fun to catch up with young and old..
    I can still smell the Verenki and
    I wonder what next year will hold?

  11. hmmm ... very curious.
    ethan was introduced this year to portzelky (sp?) this year, except we used it's proper name (oliebollen) and we brought our own little bag of sweet white powder to dip it in. soooo yummy! and yes, had the borscht ... also very yummy. that's my staple every year.

  12. We missed it this year... but next year ... I'm looking forward to it already! Don't ask me why.

  13. Our relief sale in May and I have so many special memories of my times spent there. One of the memories that stand out for me where the huge butter molds they created, the delicious food and so many special people. Good organization.

  14. Hi Lovella,
    Since I was not up to it David went this year by himself on Friday eve. Christy and Joel usually volunteer in the vreneki booth but this year she was busy. :) Joel was working there though. David was the proud Grampy walking around with our little Lily. Glad you had a good time. I'm very curious - just like the cat!

  15. I wanted to go .. we planned to go .. then Vic got called away and it got too late.
    Thank you for giving me a 'taste' of it !
    There is always next year, isn't there!


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